Charleys ☆TRIPLE BACON STEAK☆ Cheesesteak Review!!!

Charleys ☆TRIPLE BACON STEAK☆ Philly Sandwich! Loaded with Bacon Strips, Bacon Bits & Bacon Mayo! USDA Choice Beef, 3x BACON in a LARGE Philly Sandwich?!? What could go wrong? Find out! BIG BITE!!!

Location: Park Meadows Mall – Lone Tree, Colorado (outside Denver)

Website: (COMING SOON!)

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twinkyz76 says:


Justin Frazier says:

That cheesesteak looks delicious!

Upset Bulls Fan says:

go fuck yourself buddy

Joe Schmoe says:

They have a Charley’s in my area and it’s good but I would rather go to Tubbys or even Jersey Mike’s. It’s funny he said they want 15 an hour well yeah it’s what we live in now man…..shit I go to college have TWO DEGREES and I HOPE to make more than 15. It’s sad people wanna do the little amount of work yet want high amounts of money.

GrindingHerb says:

Why are you hatting on fast food employees? Without them you wouldn’t be able to stuff your face like you do

A M says:

I don’t dig how Charlies handles the line after ordering as well. BUT, the sandwiches make up for it.

Spoflash says:

love your vids, and youre so humble!


Hey,I feel so yummy.

TonySchulte says:

I’ve had carleys a couple times at the witchita mall & thought it was good! got the pepperoni philly sub & loaded fries

Money Mike says:

Must’ve just had a bad visit. Charley’s is a little spendy, but def my go to in the mall. Hopefully they do ya right next time!

Anthony Walters says:

I’ve never heard of a Charley’s before. Maybe because its not local in Virginia. But this is still a good video!

Critical Eats Japan says:

Damn, I could use a cheesesteak right now. A good one! Too bad this was a dud, hope you fine something better to chow down on next time

DansJets says:

Will you eat the damn sandwich and quit yacking, maybe take that big bite, so you shut up.

Veego von DOOM- Reviews! says:

Bacon has no place on a cheesesteak

pixelated says:

Fuck you justin for talking trash about fast food employees. This was one of the worst videos you have posted so because of that I will be hitting the unsubscribe button.

LaBish says:

Justin shove the sandwich up my ass

elvisofexistence says:

If anyone is upset about Justin going on about the fast food worker, he does apologize for being harsh, it’s ok ppl. He was nice enough not to go off on him right there and make him feel like shit and fuck his shift up. Love the channel.

directorbeau says:

Terrible service. How do those people expect $15/hr?

AtomBoy says:


FAST Food Pit Stops says:

NEW! Charleys ☆TRIPLE BACON STEAK☆ Philly Sandwich! Loaded with Bacon Strips, Bacon Bits & Bacon Mayo! USDA Choice Beef, 3x BACON in a LARGE Philly Sandwich?!? What could go wrong? Find out! BIG BITE!!!

Robert Myers says:

Looks like Park Meadows

toxic howl says:

If it’s not from Philly then it’s not a Philly sandwich. We never put Mayo on cheese steaks. This isn’t a Philly sandwich it’s just a steak sandwich with cheese. I mean tomato’s come on!

cubs0110 says:

Yeah, they should be paid a livable wage. They should also train their employees better and hold them to a higher standard.

ras124 says:

fast food is getting pricier and pricier

MO Silver says:

If you had titled this video “$10 Cheese Steak Sandwich,” I wouldn’t have watched it. Go to a regular restaurant!

Sharon N says:

I’ve had Charley’s but it was not in a mall. I really liked their turkey and veggie subs.

Jahid Hasan says:

what’s it….!

John Xavier says:

I can’t stand service these days. They don’t care about their job and rarely say thank you to the customer. notice that little asian girl hands you receipt and turned her head without even saying thank you. MAJOR pet peeve. I agree, these people aren’t worth anywhere near $15..and then the dude cops an attitude when you ask for the correct sauce.

Joey Herbz says:

This fucking guy makes money off reviewing food.. specifically fast foods.., and then makes fun of the workers.. fuck this guy… I been a sub for years but fuck this guy …. I do enjoy the amount of fat, his neck is growing with every episode.. pretty sure you’re going to die Young for health reasons because of YouTube.. although it’s ironic that your YouTube subject is people you feel a need to shit on.. good riddance BIG BITE!!!!! ya cretin….

A Account says:

“Big bite!”


L C says:

I dislike the way you eat, maybe that’s your trade mark, I hope so, if not then yuck !

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