Do You Need the $1300 Otto Wilde Steak Grill? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

Today in the test kitchen, Esther is testing the new Pat LaFreida/Otto Wilde grill. Is this grill the best way to cook steak outside of a restaurant?

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Christopher Foote says:

sous vide and seared with a flamethrower best steaks of my life

Daryl Watson says:

Well if you think along term , great machine.

Rene Hernandez says:

Epic fail lol

Ronan B says:

No one needs a $1300 steak grill. LOL!

Klaa2 says:

You get sear if you let the grate get hot.

Foxayo says:

Burnt peppers, yum..

solarisdreams says:

This breaks the only rule when cooking a steak. Don’t fk with it.

fluffy says:

Who are the millionaire gigantic-unused-kitchen folks who are buying these gadgets, anyway?

Arnold Mendez says:

It’s a salamander. Not a grill. These fools don’t even know what things are!

styledliving says:

i wonder what happened on the ceramic grate. did one of the bellpeppers or filets touch it to blacken it? that will prevent that particular section from properly heating up. the issue with some of these units is that they never produce enough heat. a problem with united states model gas fired units is that they’re always underrated and paired with low pressure regulators.

a searzall would totally kill this test. so would several cheaper methods for cooking steak like using a charcoal chimney our “sous vide and sear”. i still prefer using a searzall to torch the outside and then finish in a toaster oven. best for individual portions at home for myself or a small number of guests.

Tim L says:

Definitely the most overpriced and dangerous household gadget you have tested

Lroy Johnson says:

Haha worse grill ever

Miguel Magalhães says:

stupid machine for people who think la creusete pans makes food taste better

jaxbrewery says:

Esther I love you!!! Marry me!!!

szorohov85 says:

is there some sort of lid? is this open?

Patrick Aquia says:

POS. Disappointing.

michael bertucci says:

If your LIKE a steak nerd LIKE i get it but LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE can she shut up she sounds dumb AF

baseballhunter42 says:

Does anyone need commercial appliances? A $20 grill pan will work fine.

Joshua Ainsworth says:

I have never heard so many like like like like like in a video. She looks like she has absolutely no idea what she is doing in the kitchen. Yeah her daddy bought her some restaurants, that doesn’t make her a chef.

fuzzy says:

Was that a misteak or what?

Shivam Vaid says:

I can make a clay grill for 3 bucks.

Homerlovesbeer2 says:

What an absolute ripoff!

Samuel Gallezzo says:

Not worth 50 dollars. A Sears all is better

David Cibrian says:

Set the dial on your GE Electric Range to broil.

jeffrice78 says:

The only thing I use propane for is to light my lump charcoal. Hipster gadget at best.

john thor says:


Kayden Kim says:

Her definition of sear = Burnt…has she ever cooked steak?

WorkinCoolin says:


Hugh Jazz says:

after reading the other comments, i decided to change my comment, beucse its really just beating a dead horse.

yes she def doesnt know wtf she is doing. and i agree they need to pick someone who actually cooks for a living, for a proper review. however,in her defense, i think its ok in this case, as this device is geared towards people like her, ie amateurs… actual professionals wouldnt be caught dead using this garbage. seriously? propane in the house?!

honestly all u need is a cast iron skillet to make a great steak. sousvide is cool too, but u still need to reverse sear with a pan….

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