DOLLAR $TORE STEAK | $1 Ribeye Taste Test

I found a steak at the dollar store, and I’m here to cook it up and give it a taste, so you don’t have to. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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This video is NOT sponsored. I just wanted to cook up a $1 steak

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Juan Garcia says:

Now I won’t have to try the dollar steak steaks! Thank you!

Warrior For The Christ says:

can anyone say…. MEAT GLUE?

Aurora Euphoria says:

So… not thawing your meat before cooking it a thing now?

Nqaining Tan says:

I would not eat that you are really brave

David says:

Served these to the Men’s group breakfast at our church just fried on a griddle with olive oil & served with scrambled eggs and all the fixins. No complaints!

Steveo Rondinelli says:


Ashley Agwuncha says:

But it looks like bacon “beef bacon”

Robert NES816 says:

This and the hamburger in a can are two things I wanna try just because they exist. I have no intention of swallowing either one lol. But just wanna try em just so I can say I did it.

katya is short for Katyana says:

She must have diarrhea all the time

Brent Craft says:

I buy these. They make great breakfast steaks

standing flower says:

I did learn something! Thanks!

Ryan Bashaw says:

Wow super cute I normally don’t like Asian girls but super cute

Albert Sabino says:

I never cook steak from frozen , it’s almost impossible to cook to correct temp and I don’t eat beef cooked more than med rare , Well done steak should be illegal .

GooB says:

I saw this at dollar tree and the whole thing tasted gamey

Eric Just A Sinner says:

i eat this stuff from time to time

Tim Roessler says:

this made my loins moisten…

bigkdrman1 says:

I’d rather watch your web post over Wolfe Pit any day. No offense Larry just this one is cuter. Also my wife and I cut the ribeye steak in strips and cook them in a stir fry or a stroganoff.

Kitty Katt says:

They are quite good and tasty…but you cooked it wrong…you should have bought two and marinated them…and cooked it with onions and mushrooms with salt and pepper…yummy

BraveEmpress says:

That skeptical “itadakimasu” xD

Alexis Paige says:

I’ve tried these…theirs such a chemically taste to it…to me anyway.

Theresa says:

Emmy you have so much nerve .. I could NEVER swallow that!! LOL

Mark Elmore says:

meat glue!

c k says:

That is a steak um

XanderGlamour says:

I really like your nail color what shade is that?

xKobePlayz says:

1 proper rib eye would make 30 of those

Terryon LeFlore says:

All its missing now is some fugazi sauce.

greg riveiro says:

Sick dairy cow…

All praises to The Most High through Yasha says:

Tasting that was bold

Linda. Sue Sharma says:

The slight fishy smell was probably the sodium phosphate . I am allergic to it so I have to avoid it ..

Its Marlon says:

Shiitake mushroom

Oscar P says:

I bet shes a good lay…

Lorraine Ward says:


Josh Hadwiger says:

I would absolutely positively never try dollar store meat

Ticci Wolf says:

You are soo pretty

Jack Caudill says:

If you thaw in hot water and fry in butter these are fairly good. Waffle House steaks are nearly identical to these if prepared correctly.

Jeff Pagan says:

I bet it’s the worst cut.

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