Dollar Tree $1 Rib Eye Steak Cook and Review | JKMCraveTV

In this video Julie and I try Stampede $1 Rib Eye Steak.
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Joe Mueller, Food Reviewer JKMCraveTV





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dalphabet says:

Please don’t encourage anyone willing to buy dollar store steaks………..

Tim Kennedy says:

“Like a rubber band in your mouth”… No. Pass. Thanks for the review.

Puppet Master says:

vile food for a vile human being

TechBaron, Cameras and more! says:

these arnt that baaaad

Star Gazer says:

For a dollar it can’t be that bad especially if u low on cash I’d eat it

Joey's world tours Son says:

Does Julie do anal muchacho?
Woo woo woo woo

RandomDood says:

olive oil or pam on the grill Joe. Not sure i would run out and try this savory steak. Might be time for Julie to start her own channel!

Cupcake Zinger says:

I tawt I taw a puddy tat!!!

Elizabeth Rickard says:

Was checking out Eater and saw this: SALUTE 🙂

chatomairi says:

You made it on the Eater channel!

Golden State Warriors fan since 2015 says:

is it worth 1 dallor

Jo Harsh says:

So you copied kbdproductionsTV’s name structure for your channel and now ur copying his cook and reviews!!! SAD!

yuprulesing says:

I’m shocked it’s not that bad for $1.

JӦYの貓 says:

Oh brave souls

Russell Witkemper says:


kitty friend says:

man, it would have been fun if you didn’t tell Julie it was from dollar tree! thats what people should do ya know! like serve someone else the dollar tree item without them knowing and see what they really think!

Madara says:

You should do more of these! 😀 great video

Oli Freakin Davis says:

Could you review a fancy restaurant

jason callan says:

I hate gristle too. Awesome job.

Joe P says:

fuck no, that’s disgusting

johnfriley909 says:

I dont think that would make a very good steak sandwich,Steak and eggs maybe…But for a buck you get what you pay for.Great video Joe.

Brett Prentiss says:

Food reviews by Adam Savage

Herb says:

Lol how can it be chewy and tender at the same time?

WilsonEatsASMR says:

brave souls! lol

ras124 says:


Michael Kobitka says:

oil the grill grats and it won’t stick

Strung Out says:

I think cutlerylover got one of these and got terrible food poisoning.

Austin lol says:

You’re running on empty

Frankie Gino says:

Let’s see Julie do a review alone lol

John Rouleau says:

I got a 1$ steak at Dollar Tree saw that available from Old nerd review, was or Mexico inspected, was not bad, a nice snack.

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