Domino’s ☆XL PHILLY CHEESE STEAK PIZZA☆ Food Review!!!

Dressed in my best, I ordered a Domino’s EXTRA LARGE Hand Tossed Philly Cheese Steak Pizza! This 16″ specialty pizza is their LARGEST and is covered in traditional Philly Cheesesteak toppings! Thinly-sliced steak, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, melted American & shredded Provolone cheeses on an OVERSIZED hand-tossed garlic seasoned crust!

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Gavin Douglas says:

Getting. A new dog she will be happy to watch these

MikeyPlays says:

Almost 20k subs now nice!

WingJ says:

I don’t like their hand tossed at all …but their pan pizza is great….papa Murphys is my fav chain pizza joint

Shaun Cole says:

Why would there be no sauce? At least a cheese sauce. Sounds dry as hell to me.

Jon Mazza says:

About lost it when you said stick to the hand tossing and not salad tossing lol great vids

toxic howl says:

Just a question?
Who the hell puts mushrooms on a cheeseteak.
No one does that here.

sous_chef192 says:

My name is Justin. I also worked at dominos as a delivery driver. I also take big bites. Hi.

Dlonestar 87 says:

As soon as I saw you wearing a Dominos uniform I knew it was going to be an epic review! You are def my favorite food reviewer keep it up man!

Ryan Parish says:

Yo Justin, the buffalo chicken pizza from Dominos doesn’t have sauce either.

Anyways, another great review!

mr hynes says:

Pizza tossing, not salad tossing!!! Haha, you’re videos are awesone!

Josh Sparr says:

Hi Justin

Candace Cherry says:

Chikin backin ranch or meat lovers

Freddie's Food Reviews says:

Philly cheese steak oh boy

Johnny Schiesser says:

I like Domino’s but they skimp on the steak dude!

Jamie Landers says:

Are you sure about the no sauce?when I’d order it it’d come with the garlic sauce. I guess they decided to change it?

Laken Kennedy says:

Yum! I’ve nvr had Dominos but just moved near one, I’ll have to try it

urzamtg says:

you have a gift my friend.

alex the GOAT says:

I really dont trust that meat from Dominos…

Justin McCulley says:

Almost 20k Justin. Come on guys hit the sub button that’s grow this channel.

Justin Paschall says:

Dude this pizza is a monster!

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