Domino’s New Stretchier Mozzarella Reef Steak Bacon Pizza Review

Today, Bernice and I head to Dominos to try the New Stretchier Mozzarella cheese, we get it on the Reef Steak Bacon Pizza, so let’s give one of these bad boys a Review!

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DerSchweineHunT says:

Your GF is sweet, congrats!

samuski36 says:

I live in California and I am a delivery driver for Dominoes…dangerous job btw…Anyhow, I don’t understand why we don’t have that here on the pacific coast! That looked Great…even minus the new mozzarella Lol!

Jason Vorhees says:

Yeah man looks like the same as last time no cheese just Eat the cardboard box mate

Whats in Michaels Bag. says:

No Dominoes in Ireland

Ian TP says:

I guess they forgot the cheese… 🙂

Aidan Searle says:

The dominos in hobart is bloody horrible

Kurt H says:

grego the pizza destroyer!

George Ballard says:

loved this video Grego. and Bernice is adorable. hope we get to see more of her in upcoming vids.

Slade1893 says:

Glad to see Bernice! She seems like a really nice lady- include her more often, would ya?

Grahoovian says:

I love me some grego but I love me some Bernice too. You guys seem really cool together. Makes me happy

Bens Views says:

‘Stretchier mozzarella’ haha!

Les Gulyas says:

Greg0 and Bernice, good to see you both. Why do they advertise stretchy mozzarella then fail to deliver. A nice looking pizza though. I agree with you Grego love the thin crispy base, less base more cheese. C’mon Dominos. Great review as usual. Cheers Les.

Surebrec says:

that crust is thinner than a witches tit.

tongmaa says:

Nice seeing Bernice! 🙂

stepitup89 says:

That bird has the personality of a soggy cardboard box she’s defo paid for wife

FitAngie says:

LOL! That mozzarella sucks Dominos! The pizza looks delicious though Greg

Splash Damage says:

Another Domino’s no cheese pizza fail. No excuses if they can’t put extra cheese on a thin and crispy, they should say so instead of thieving the money.
Doesn’t matter where you are in the world, US, UK, Aus, they are the worst pizza chain out there. My local never gets it right. Sauce, cheese and toppings very poorly distributed around the base. Also very sparse with the toppings, like one small piece of mushroom per slice. When the manager is sat in an office with his feet up, playing on his phone and the staff are mostly lazy, disinterested 16 year olds, it’s no surprise.

Edmon Uyan says:

You guys are so sweet 🙂

Bens Views says:

Mucked up the other pizza as well?with the gooey cheesy thing didn’t they?  get onto your mate boss CEO !

javad bagheri says:

I donno why asians going with white piggies they’re so shyness

English Heart says:

You and Bernice are ace mate.

Tezza LxrdeCrxxkedd says:


Ron Broomhall says:

8.5 score for something you ordered and never got… wheres the cheese? it looks shocking! so cheaply made and so thin…
No wonder Pizza Hut are the worlds leaders

Dindu nufn says:

It’s nasty. Thats sauce ia a terrible idea on a pizza.

Brian Hinder says:

Greedy guts!

SoYouWantMoore says:

Looks good. Apart from the prawns. Maybe don’t eat near the bins.

Chastity Yellowhair says:

How much is it and that from the state’s

Matt Gallor says:

Crazy how the house fly managed to cover every single place on earth. Are flies everywhere? Seagulls too. Damn seagulls

Dav Dave says:

$16? Yeah…I dunno…You need to cook your own pizza Greggo..

Markooboy says:

Bernice is so cute. It’s sweet to see the contrast between the relationship. She’s a keeper mate 🙂

J Hughes says:

Don’t mind the flies, they won’t eat much

Ali Al H says:

probably would need to add extra cheese or cheese or adding a minimal amount of toppings to see it stretch, or you’re being ripped off

Matt Gallor says:

If I walked by you and Bernice eating pizza I’d sit right next to you and just watch. Not say a word. You wouldn’t even know it was me. Matty from Canada. You’d probably punch me.

J Hughes says:

Heh @8:45

WillLeese says:

you might have to let the don know about the lack of stretch in the cheese

Justin Spencer says:

We like Bernice in the reviews also!! Also my dominos in Texas hasn’t released a new pizza in forever…that looks amazing

homer Simpson says:

Stretch something else mate

Lacetag27 says:

Cute!! now I want pizza, yum

piggypigpig says:

Dominoes is too expensive for what it is. Flour water and cheese

Happy Goat says:

Thats a great looking pizza!

Koji 888 says:

Yeah Bernice. Saw thumbnail and couldn’t click fast enough. .. Japanese KEWPIE shrimp pizza

Whats in Michaels Bag. says:

Pizza cake guys

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