Domino’s Philly Cheese Steak New Yorker Pizza Review Mukbang- Greg’s Kitchen

Today my friend Scott and I head to Domino’s to try the new Philly Cheese Steak New Yorker Pizza and give it a Review, we sit there and eat the whole thing, mukbang style, then give it a score out of 10!
Let us know what you thought of this week’s Fast food Friday!

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Dace Dark says:

Reminds me of me and my mates back in the day when I used to do delivery driving for Domino’s. We would have a dutchy in the car until we were wasted like these guys and sit there talking shit and eating the leftover pizzas at the end of the night. This video brought back memories.

Aussie Roberts says:

I had it and it tasted like garbage..

Rebel Pro Wrestling says:

“i was trying to be as polite as i can possibly be without speaking with my mouth full and take it all in”….. That’s what she said

Jacob Ben says:

Review pizza huts new personal pan range. They are 5 dollars and are pretty small says:

i sent you regardless

GameplayJenny says:

It is true that many types of cheese are better than one. I have just done a video about this myself 😀

John King says:

Will you please make a video of you boxing with a kangaroo.

Jarrad Dove says:

420 Family

Italiano Siciliano Mistro says:

Gday mate

andrew gordon says:

Was it crusty ?

John King says:

I bet he gives Gregg an 8.5 also.

csyd22 says:

Found this guy on Gumtree

wAVe zONe says:

You guys seem gay


Gay partners

carolina beacher says:

haha scott said he folds it so he dont lose any toppings, then a mushroom fell out.

Dimtrios Skountzos says:

You are so entertaining I just love when you do your taste tests videos, and by the way Todd sent me 🙂

Jason Spirit says:

Blonde dread-lock Rasta.

SAS Productions says:

haha both are cool dudes.

ObsoletePowerCorrupts says:

After the first 7 minutes, it would’ve been cool if you’d both started playing multiplayer (open source) computer games (like on each on a mobile phone or one of those raspberry-pi homemade consoles). For example Tux-Racer or Tux-Kart. You could also do with a pizza-slice holder on a bendy-claw-grip for one dedicated pizza slice so you needn’t keep holding it up. Then blast some creative commons tunes out the stereo for a finale. Add subtle video edits.

Yuto Hayasaka says:

Looks like Grego and his mate went straight to the mix bowl after devouring that pizza and punched out a few cones.

lauren broad says:

Yah man ☘️☘️☘️

Motionless Death says:

Scott’s dreads are so nice. As for you grego you look great as usual!

Black Sabbath says:

5/5 guys!!!

miata149 says:

This reminds me of the “eating” scene in Tom Jones (the movie).

Rhiannon Gray says:

They have a new beef wrap at Maccas. It’s not bad, may be worth trying

Terry Jenkins says:

Aussie Aussie Aussie ! Oi oi oi ! M8 ! (mate) another great video!!!

Lazlack says:

I need to punch a couple cones and grab one of these pizzas with a mate

joe Thomson says:

Wow The Size of That Pizza, Great vid guys

Dorothy Brooks says:

scotty can actually fit more in his mouth than you, Gregg! and the review was great too!

6433jman says:

Grego you and scott must of been punching them cones ahahahaha


Our new Yorker is alot bigger in the U.S.

Bigcheef Beefbog says:

gday greg i thought this pizza was a shocker, horrible taste and crap value, yours got a pretty good amount of toppings but i didnt like the flavour

andrew gordon says:

You sandsluts love to party with the cheesy crusty stuff and no muff diving involved 🙂 Yea I hate anchoas on my pizza too Greggo. Keep rock in mate xxx

ELDK2008 says:

Scott looks like a Jamaican Hugh Laurie – LOL

andrew gordon says:

It is not a miserable day when Scott sprinkles his “oregano ” on the pizza mate :)))

ali car says:

beavis and butthead

andrew gordon says:

Could he take it all in – real Ozzie beef ? Not to greasy I hope? Hope you kept the towel handy ??

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