Eating the WORST RAW STEAK AT THE WORST REVIEWED STEAKHOUSE Restaurant In My City (1 Star) Question is… do they know how to cook steak? And is their steak recipe good? If not, Gordon Ramsay might have to come in to this place…
After making videos like ‘Eating At The Worst Reviewed Restaurant & ‘Getting a HAIRCUT At The WORST REVIEWED BARBER In My City’ I had to try this…

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Cameron a says:

out of all foods people praise, steak has to be the worst, how do people eat that, it literally tastes like cardboard, yes ive tried cardboard

Nilesh Shetty says:

I thought he burned his hands

Charanraj Kalyana Sundaram says:

Dude go fix your hair

Appelsientje040 says:

Your brother eats nasty asf

Kakarot says:

That price is a rip off.


Thought You Were A Muslim??

bruceownsu says:

Jrizzy Jeremy
why do you have to talk like an uneduakated f00? is it the local language?
just be yourself smh

The Incompetent Investor N says:

This guy flaunting his tat!

lt beats 2306 says:

What’s on your hands

John Boyle says:

U have a shit tattoo oh yeah yeah

Abdulha Gaming says:

Stop making fake video this is even not your city

Luke Hilton says:

This is miller’s and Carters… Its an insane restaurant what are you chattttin

Chris Jimenez says:

Bro teach ur bro how to use a fork and knife lol

Sunny Baig says:

Not feeling the tattoo bro

Haja Hafa says:

bruv you had like 50k subs last time i watched your chanel

dayem qazi says:

oh yeah yeah

DAN➊ꟻΞЯИZ says:

Jeremy has a brother complex.

༺Fσяcε༻ says:

Oh yeah memes are dead here

Luke Smith says:

Review gauchos

Big patato says:

He’s been waving his tattoo hand the whole video when video flexing jrizyy LOL!
Who realised??

jj S says:

Worse tattoo artist review that is a shit tat

WickedTUBE says:

#notification Great video keep it up!!

LR10Elite Comps says:

“Alright cool basically”

Kem Ukandu says:

Oh yeah yeah

SamiYGx X says:

That’s a shit tattoo

Shuayb Ahmed says:

That is such a bad hand tattoo

jada babii says:

Did you realize that your steak wasn’t all the way cooked

3BrownBro's says:

Small youtuber like me? Lets help eachother, like & subscribe, ill return im fast too

Aamir Rashid says:

Miller & Carter lool

Cameron Wright says:

He says the stakes not nice *eats the whole thing*

Terry Davies says:

Onion loaf

AzzaPlays says:

£36 for two steaks two drinks is not bad lol

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