Firehouse Subs® NEW! PUB STEAK Review!

Firehouse Subs® NEW! PUB STEAK Review!
Savory, hot steak with crispy fried onions, mayo, and our rich, Belgian beer cheese sauce in a toasted roll.

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Chris Peacock says:

Can u pin me in having bad day and I love u. Woooowooooowoooowooooowooooo

Aaron Williams says:

Looks great, Joey!

randal mephesson says:

I wish i could help you

Frogbjb says:

Hey joey you need to come to Texas, we have whataburger and raising canes all over the place for you to try!

Ryan Loughran says:

Firehouse subs is trash

Sean says:

I love Firehouse subs so dang good. Great video

no name says:

You should eat more subway

excellentbluelantern 2k18 says:

Is it sad he put the whole damn thing on his stomach

Trav Martin says:

Hi Joey your my only friend please reply

Dirk Diggler says:

It’s mind boggling how this subhuman is still alive

Gavin Peterson says:

Good music choice papi


Love u joey

Cade Burba says:

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmm BACK!!!

Gene Stewart says:

I came her for minecraft porn wtf is this???

Alexis Gonzalez says:

Hey Joey try new bacon maple chicken sandwich from Wendy’s

Frogbjb says:

Do you guys REALLY want to sniff the seat of a 55 year old man who eats fast food on the daily? I mean I get the meme but cmon

lambotino says:

Try McDonalds new double breakfast sandwich

Bob Bobson says:

Joey gives entertaining informative food reviews. I give him ten out of ten for his professionalism. Joey’s videos feature in the top ten of most viewed YouTube videos in the following countries : United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Italy and Finland. Well done!

Andy B says:

I like the Mr. Rogers type music in the background. It emphasizes just how ridiculous the inappropriate comments are.

TheZiggy8282 says:

Joey please do an Oreo flavored candy cane review they’re at Walmart

beentrap says:

Joey come over and feed me and the boys we drank 10 hurricanes each wooooo wooooo wooooo

Angie Akin says:

Hi Joey greetings from Ireland, loving your food reviews, Angie and Ben

WOLFII says:

what is this commentary

Johnny Yum says:

Joey sounds like Curley from the 3 stooges when He does the Wooh,Wooh,Wooh.

Circa1775 says:

Joey’s “never heard of a TV bite” world tour.

1 dickelilagiraffe says:

hello pls stop the fast food youre a dying man

Rathmor says:

Please pin me Joey so I can continue telling all these bullies that ruin your comment section to go away!

Frogbjb says:

It’s a bit ironic that all of the people commenting the sexual innuendos on joeys channel are probably young enough to be his grandchildren

Project 0011 says:

Did you get a new camera Joey?

Choco Soda says:

I like cheesy bacon pie

Jian M Huang says:

Simple classic nice 🙂

Dank Crack says:

How are you still alive?

Lennart Lennart says:

Golden State Sniffer

fostered333 says:

In Mexico, is Joey a hit, or a shit?

Ethan Gilmore says:

Why? Just why?

Koletti Pireaus says:

If you want a real cheesesteak you have to go to philly All these chain stores are scared to add a little meat to these sandwiches. The mom and pop stores in philly just pile it on.

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