Fred Meyer Buffalo Sirloin Steak Review

Reviewing Fred Meyer’s Buffalo Sirloin Steak with a tip on how to cook buffalo meat.


Samara D says:

Jay where did you get the idea that steaks need to be rinsed off? I have been cooking professionally for nearly 20 years and I have never seen this done before, it’s not necessary. Rinsing chicken is by far the worst protein to do so as it’s bacteria can scatter over 3 feet from where you rinse it. Chicken is the worst protein when it comes to harmful bacteria and pork can now be eaten pink btw.
if anything the steak should be blotted dry then add seasoning for better browning which equals more flavor

Piya Michelle says:

Jay, You can always inbox me your picture on my fb. I won’t show anyone I promise. lol

USD83 says:

If I had to rate jay rule’s cooking I would give it a…….. 100 out of 100% BAM!

steelbaz says:

Safeway sells A1 Bold, which is the better A1 with Tabasco, so hit you local safeway to get it. Also buffalo is awesome, good review!

Piya Michelle says:

I see.

AMX says:

Akira Night vision activated

DragonLady24 says:

AHHH too pink for me hun! Tis okay because I will just cook it the way you want it anyhow! Your way for you my way for me! 🙂 Looked yummy though!

Piya Michelle says:

Good Job Jay. Your steak looks very yummy and juicy. You are making me hungry again.
By the way…. When are you going to show us your face? Lol

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