Grilled Porterhouse Steak~Slow ‘N Sear Weber Kettle BBQ Accessory Review

In this easy cooking video, I review my new Slow ‘N Sear Plus BBQ accessory for my Weber kettle charcoal grill and use it to cook a steak. This big BBQ steak turned out excellent. For more easy cooking and recipes, be sure to check out my easy cooking channel.
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Jim Duggan says:

Wow that steak looks awesome.  Just ordered my Slow N Sear today.  Going to get some ribeyes for New Years Eve.  Probably go with the reverse sear method.  Anyway that crust looks perfect!

MrAbletospeak says:

Cooks steaks straight from the fridge and with the lid open.When you get a char all over the surface, not just grill marks,move then to indirect till ready.

Cookingwith Rick says:

Jim your steak looks tender juicy and delicious.


Enjoyed watching you grill that nice steak. I see the comments others advising you to reverse sear. I also saw your comments at a later time saying you had tried it and like it more. I recently did a cowboy rib-eye like that. Like you, me and the wife thought it to be the best steak we ever grilled in 35 yrs. Thanks again and nice cook

Soviet Onion 1972 says:

why do you guys call it porterhouse when its clearly t.bone , porterhouse is boneless also that steak looked burnt on the outside and raw in the middle definitely needed to be in longer in my opinion.

tdfsu1 says:

Dang man, you NAILED that steak. Outstanding job!

Jared j. says:

I should add my recipe here…first prep the evening before…very easy….Worchestersire sauce in a tupperware…mix in salt and pepper or whatever to taste and mix…no very important! hit the RibEye lightly with a meat hammer, then take a fork and poke random holes in it…not too much…this is not a jason movie! then lay the meat in the W-sauce, use water until covered- and let it sit till the next day….Next..the Grill, I like mine even…I let cover it completly with flat briketts…and light. Then I take the top and spray it with a water bottle but not with water, with sunflower oil. This will keep the meet from sticking…then I put it on and ONCE THE BRIKETTS ARE ASHED OVER I then throw the meet on it. It usually takes anywhere for the grill to reach temp 20-25 mins. (or until all brickets are grey) FYI ashed over brickets will eliminate any flames (flames are bad) then if you like it smoked a bit, put the cover on…I usually do about 4-7 mins on each side! best darn steak ever! Try it and let me know what you think 🙂

bcdhifi says:

115 dollars! F THAT!

BensBQ says:

Hi Jim, that porterhouse steak looks delicious, it makes me hungry haha, great vid

Daniel Faulkner says:

Just some info for future surfers There’s a difference between a T-bone and a porterhouse cut, but either can be used for our purposes. T-bones come from one end of short loin (a big cut from a little more than halfway down the back of a poor cow), and porterhouses from the other. Both include a bit of tenderloin (your Filet Mignon) on one side of the T-shaped bone, and a loin strip (your NY strip) on the other. The difference is how much. T-bones, since they come from the front part of the short loin, are dominated by the strip steak, with much smaller filets—sometimes just a bite or two. Porterhouses (from the other end of the short loin, remember) have more filet, but still pack sizable strip steaks. As a result, T-bones can appear longer and pointier, while porterhouses are more heart-shaped.

matt montavon says:

What temp was the grill running?

ThatDudeGigs says:

Oh so we’re all just supposed to ignore that cat taking a shit at the beginning of the video?


Joe Jefferson says:

LOL!!! It’s SLOW n SEAR sir. You slow cook the steak until the internal temp is ~ 125. Let the steak rest for 15 minutes. Put steak on the SEAR side. Done. 🙂 You can serve it piping hot, no need to let it rest. Reverse sear is perfect for the Slow n Sear.

dopamineluv says:

nice camera work, and love the special appearance by your neighbor’s cat, is he fertilizing your garden? oh yeah great product too.

Alpha Omega says:

Did you just eat the steak with that fat? That will kill you sir, you can eat meat for days and be ok but if you swallow that fat, that’s where you get heart attack and such. Other then that I am going to buy me a steak right now after watching this

Aaron white says:

OMG love the add on includes H2O Super cool.

Chef John Politte says:


Neil Heuschkel says:

love watching your videos – there always Great!

Andrew Goldberg says:

great vid tin man !

brickit26 says:

“boy look at that crust”…. My gosh what a disaster.

Jaguar cichlids Aggressive little guys says:

Good job

Tristram Credland says:

only one annoyed how he holds the fork ?

enigma9789 says:

This video is longer than it takes to cook the damn steak

Oz C says:


Smokin Ham says:

I’ve heard a lot of good reviews on the slow and sear and something I’m thinking about getting. I enjoy the vortex for wings and thighs. Weber is a fantastic all around cooker.

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