How To Make The Perfect Steak – Slow ‘N Sear Product Review

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Here are the steps we did in the video:
1. salt steaks with kosher salt about 2 days before cooking. Be sure to put open in fridge on a racked cookie sheet.
2. place slow ’n sear in kettle and load with 20 briquettes. Light them and get them ready to cook with.
3. place easy spin rack on and cook your steaks to 115F away from the heat.
4. When steaks reach about 100, start a chimney of coals for the searing process.
5. Remove steaks. Pat dry with paper towel. Oil and pepper them.
6. add hot chimney coals. Make sure grill rack isn’t on kettle.
7. place full grill rack on kettle. Put both steaks on grilling area above hot coals
8. sear 1 minute on each side. Then do another minutes on each side. Total 4 minutes.
9. remove from grill and let rest at least 15 minutes.

Jack’s motto is “Do God’s work and He will do your work!”

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Jack Scalfani has been involved in the entertainment industry his whole life. Dj’ing nightclubs, Radio Disc Jockey, Artist Management and now Youtube Producer/Talent and has his own line of sauces, seasoning and beef jerky sold across America. Born and raised in Southern California, he now resides in Nashville, TN.


Jason Ward says:

Seems like a waste of money for the same results you get with two zone heating.

Harold M says:

Nice… you could have smoked them while low and slow. Hickory smoked steak is to die for. I own a slow and sear and love it, but haven’t used it since I got my pellet smoker.

Alex says:

What happend to the red copper 5 min chef video ? I’ve been looking for it but I think it’s removed ?

Baby Back Maniac says:

lol. You guys clearly had a blast. Fun to watch.

Ben's View says:

Weber Q much easier LOL

Coolek says:

Waste 3 kg of coal to sear the stake. How wasteful, it’s beyond me.

Ryan Craven says:

Not a fan. Waste of charcoal

Mark Silva says:

That’s a lot of work for some lunch.

mixwell1983 says:

Just have your regular 2 zone (charcoal on one side) going on your grill and you can skip a lot of these steps. Start on the side opposite the coals and then put steaks on direct heat after. Same results.

Stephen Bradford says:

That is ALOT of work to make a steak LOL….I think the law of diminishing returns apply here. The end result isn’t worth the time or energy invested. Sure maybe it is a tad better than a regular grilled steak, but the effort to get that is incredible. No thanks.

sontayraider blueboy says:

Fabulous stakes great episode jack

Terry Owens says:

I love my slow n sear, but only use it for ribs

Bryan Bartlett says:

I won’t poo-poo this method, only to say that I already sous vide my steaks and bring them up to temperature. A quick sear and dinner is served. It would be hard to convince me that going through all the hassle I just witnessed on this video would make me do otherwise. That was a fun infomercial though.

John McAfee says:

Too much steps…stick to regular grilling.

Jose Perez says:

eh takes to long rather do it hot and fast

Gbe M says:

Makes sense you’re an Angels fan.

glenda sykes says:

So enjoyed your video. Thanks Jack.

John Ulepich says:

I can do that on my Weber, Not as much work.

Chris L says:

Ok I gotta ask since nobody else has……why the binder clips on the edge of grill?

Clyde Perrine says:

The technique demonstrated here was to achieve perfectly cooked steaks using the Slow-n-Sear. Obviously, they could have put the steaks on the “hot” side of the neat spinning grill grate to produce “grill marks” for the “Eat with your eyes” people. What they were shooting for was to increase the flavor profile of the meat with even cooking from top to bottom. Yeah, I know they seared a tad too long for most of us, but heck, David Parrish was teaching Jack this technique while fielding the constant (very good) questions from Jack. So I give them a pass. But folks, what the Slow-N-Sear really shines at is Slow cooking of meats we all love. Brisket, Pork, etc. Is your mouth watering just thinking about it?

John Stiltner says:

Way to much trouble

Ben's View says:

Sore arms by flying in?

SilkSatin Paradise says:

A well done steak is not done well.

wendi Valencia says:

Looks like to much work even for just 2 people meal, imagine a family and friends cookout. Can’t think of it. Great video! Now i know that’s not for me.

Dutchbeach says:


Lexie Hennessy says:

Random comment! Jack, have you seen the Jiggers videos you tube? Those awful bugs. I read that they have come into America & are in the red clay in TN, GA & Alabama. Is that true? Those things are terrifying!

Chris Walls says:

Jack i do the same to my steaks via Sous Vide, either sear with cast iron pan or torch.

Kirby's FishNGrill says:

Beautiful looking steak. I have to try that reverse sear, im a traditional grill mark guy. Good video.

Brian says:

I’m sorry jack i love your stuff but this one comes off like a cheap infomercial, instead of a honest review. second point is 95% of what was done can be done without the slow and sear. Was this a paid video, cause it feels like it?

Red Banks says:

That’s awesome Jack! I love how David is making the tour to show off his amazing creation!!! Would love to host him here on my channel in northern VA!! Perfectly cooked and amazing technique….

Kay D says:


stinkydroolface says:

its raw. eww

Everyday BBQ says:

Love that technique. The more I see it the more I can’t wait to have him here by me to demo this.

Niterider albin says:

Seems like too much work imo

Joe M says:

Steaks cooked using sous vide method will kick butt on this method any day of the week and is no where near as complicated! If you don’t have an immersion circulator, get one jack! The process is easy to learn and you will truly cook steaks, veggies, boiled eggs, etc. to perfection time and time again.

D-Money says:

Dumship Californians on a grill. Almost as stupid as their BBQ crawls. Other dude is a Retard posing as a Texas BBQ authority.

Birute00 says:

I need a steak now. that is so awesome Jack! David is so natural and impressive of an inventor!

Jack Bahry says:

I’ll take my, DIY, sous vide technique any day. 2 hours in the water bath at 141 degrees F, a couple of minutes each side in frying pan for a sear, a perfect medium steak every time.

Louinator 59 says:

Hey, Jack! In this episode, your California roots came out when you freaked on starting the chimney. We all do it wrong in the progressive state who thinks it is 15 years ahead of the rest of the nation. My latest motto may just become, “Make California Heel Again.” YES – Heel. Like a bad dog.

Corby Q says:

I have had “even” seating from a cat iron pan of the grill. IMO I’m a fan of the grill marks, you eat with your eyes first and foremost And grill marks look way better than a over cooked looking steak. I mean you don’t put a burger on a cold Surface and heat it up. Just my opinion Tho and that’s the great About the interpretation of BBQ

Home Craft Chronicles says:

I’d have agree with the other comments that this seems like a very long and tedious process. I guess, if you spend your paycheck on those 2″ ribeyes, it may be worth it to take that much care. However, i think I’ll stick to the old way.

Adrenaline Barbecue Company says:

Hey Jack, WOWZERS, that video turned out awesome! Had a blast and hope we get to do it again sometime!

john jackson says:

Great video and I’ve finally made up my mind, or should I say you s made up my mind and i’m buying the spin grate and the slow and seer

Louinator 59 says:

Ooops. I got banging on my state too hard I forgot to say, “Great Episode.” I learned much and this technique I’m going to try.

Cooking With CJ says:

They steaks look awesome and I’m sure they were tasty. But, my question is, it looks kind of a longer and sort of complicated process. Do you think it’s worth the extra effort?

BigALBBQ says:

Save yourself some steps/money and sear over the chimney charcoal starter. Flip the steak every 15 seconds till desired crust. Spend your money on the steaks, less on your equipment. Just my opinion, keep the change. 😉

David D says:

It’s not long and complicated at all. The reverse sear takes a bit longer than what our grandfather’s did. If you want fast and easy, stick to the frying pan or gas grill. But if you want amazing, this is the way to go. Don’t judge it before you’ve tried it

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