Hungry-Man Salisbury Steak Review

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Larry Graves aka Canadian Studmuffin is from Trenton Ontario and has been creating videos on YouTube since 2006. I do original comedy videos, rock music vlogs on The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Sparks, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd and many other rock artists, funny cat videos, food reviews and much more.

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Brandon moore says:

Love the food reviews! Keep it up Larry. 😉

Mr Grape says:

You eat like me one thing at a time. That’s what she said.

Sol Jacques says:

This is one of the most hilarious videos I have ever seen in my entire life

Ariana Thompson says:

You look like an older version of John Cena!!! But anyway nice video! I’ll give it a thumbs up

BadEndings says:

hey larry great video as always, quick question, have you ever reviewed the eagles? or are you not too into them? I personally love them but everyone is different. great video once again!

John J E Dennett says:

I miss these…

MostlyLoveOfMusic says:

never understand why you would throw the brownie in the garbage

beatle man says:

mabe its like that cuz you used a spoon instead of a fork

AnthonyTube says:

Best TV dinner on the market, eating it now.

DJ Matthew G says:

I love you Larry, keep up the great videos!

2003Cpayne says:

You’re a gangster for using a spoon instead of a fork…

greasypetes says:

I have eaten several of these and they are not bad, except the gravy, gross! but makes a good weed killer.

annie theecherokeerose says:

parody on the song downtown by petula clark:

When you’re at home and life is getting so hungry,
There’s a meat you know,
Ground round.

You’re in a hurry, but there’s no need to scurry
It will help to know
Ground round.

Just mix it with some mac and cheese and you will look so witty
Add some Campbell’s beef stock and your eatin’ really nifty
“How can you lose?”

There is no way you can err.
Some of the recipes double, and go in the fridge, cook slow

Cook brown
All meals taste great for sure
Ground round.
Use any place that your
Ground’s sound
Won’t taste like leather of shoe

Just use some ground, recipe books abound, it’s true
I’ve got all that prose
Writ down.

Simmer it slow
They won’t make faces and so you
Know they won’t yell gross
No frowns

Just put some meatloaf in a pan and heat it super-nova
Then enhance it with some brew, just don’t get a hang-ovah
Bin-ging again

Delight in the better fare,
You can always use some truffles, it will add some flair, e’en tho

Ground round
You can use some egg white
Ground round
Make it an eye delight
Ground round
Welcome and eat the chow now.

And you may find a cookbook on the shelf to guide and help you,
Someone who cooks just like you and you can use their menu,
Meals for a song.

So then we can have a square
We can put meat with our noodles, forget all those airs
you know.

Ground round
Instant meal waiting for
Some brown
“Don’t wait a minute more”
Chomp down
There’s tacos waiting for you,
All brown
It will be great with your
Add ons
Then you can get some more
Wolf down
“Everything’s waiting for you.”

TheMcdouble says:

maybe hungry man will one day make gluten free dinners

hill billy says:

“Man thats hard”

“Thats what she said”… Lol

Simon Laroche says:

Who is this young stallion???

Fabio Porta says:

The good old days of Larry Graves TV……awesome!

Ayden Donley says:

That looks appetizing

MemeLord420 says:

I subbed because you’re like me you act like a fucking idiot and I do the same (no offense)

Cal says:

man, i kinda miss the background music, i dont know why

Garrett Munton says:

These dinners are pretty bad to me, but great reviews!

TheEvilGmmork says:

Hey Larry! Can you speak french aswell? If so it would be really cool if you did a ( possibly ASMR ) video in french. Good review btw!

Chris Baughman says:

How about some healthy gluten free food reviews love the vids

Ryan Morgan says:

Love the older videos.

tina2750 says:

My kids live for eating the brownies. That was the best part & you threw it away. It’s literally like 2 bites. “Save the world. It’s the only place that has chocolate.” And if you like coffee, coffee too.

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