Jersey Mike’s Chipotle Cheese Steak Review | Featuring The Endorsement

What’s up peeps!! Check out my review of Jersey Mike’s Chipotle Cheesesteak…. With a special guest… The Endorsement!!!

Check out The Endorsements video here:



lammish says:

The grill man is on top of his game!

FooD reVieW sHawTy says:

awE sHiT! you collab’D with the weirdo himself E! about to watch this as soon as I walk in the door!after further review…. this is one of the best reviews ive ever seen on youtube…good shit d*cKheaDs!! LOL!! #Salute

Mikey Nichols says:

Aw yeah, that chipotle mayo. 5/5 alwaaaays.

kznovak says:

Vegetarian Cheese “Steak”- sauteed & seasoned mushrooms, green & red peppers, and onions served on a french roll and cheese just like a regular Philly cheese

John Thacker says:

that grill man was on fire. I wish restaurant employees in Florida gave a damn like they do in the midwest….but they dont.

Pandoozles says:

I want a scrambled egg cheese cake…

fruitsnacks12 says:

The Endorsement!!! 🙂

WilsonEatsASMR says:

that looks awesome! I’m starving and it’s 6 am!

Francis Albert says:

Great review buddy. Next time I take the bridge over to Jerz gonna have to try this one. Peace

Lisa Guille says:

Happy Man Snacks AND The Endorsement in videos together!? Food review heaven! 🙂

Brian says:

cool vids, honest reviews. subscribing now!!

Spiderland says:

Watch me make a fucking sandwich. I’m gonna do some fancy shit with a salt shaker. I’m gonna wrap it in foil and then twist the bag. I’m a badass!

David Mendoza says:

man that guy on the grill was awsome ! this vid was awsome do more collaborations man this was cool and that boy definitely needs a raise the one behind the grill for sure!!!

Sloth Mc says:

How old are you? Anyone know?

Jacob Gamble says:

ah the old garageband sound effects, nice.

StSa 104 says:

We hit this place up a few times a month. Usually bring the wife and kid, before seeing a movie at Showplace etc. Great food and terrific staff!
‘Nuther solid review bro!

Rosa4Real says:

Like how the employee was so chill lol
He did a great job.
And you guys did a superb job at reviewing ! The endorsement at the register lmao!

Timothy Koshar says:

Think itd be good w sum o that meatball sauce on that sub?

bigj2637 says:

Nice review boys! Jersey Mikes never lets me down. Very impressive for a chain.

creamchesus says:

Yo go check out Frank and Andrea’s in Dinkytown. Most top notch steak you can find around.

TheMetal Pigeon says:

Gotta ask, how did you convince the guy to let you film so close — as well as let The Endorsement behind the counter. Isn’t he worried he’ll get spotted by someone who sees this and ratted out to his boss? Anyway great work man!

skarth7 says:

James was killing it!

mark dyer says:

As always no let down!!!!! Beasts in the game !! Love the collaboration

ArnettLinn says:

Two of the greatest!

Chad Woodruff says:

The endorsement just gave the best advice anybody could ever get.”If you don’t live by a Jersey Mikes, move.”

Cate L says:

Nom nom nommmm

Shari Rutenberg says:

cheesecake lol !!! I couldn’t stop laughing!!

Cat Sieja says:

The amount of awesomeness is overwhelming!!!! 🙂

Food Observations says:

You guys are making my head explode! What a trip to have my two fave Toob giants in the same car!
That guy was awesome on the flattop. He could do well at Benihana!
Nice to see your cheesesteak did not have sogged out edges 🙂

paudrew Gianatasio says:

What’s ur intro song name?

Matt Covington says:

Ahhhh Yeah!!!! Christmas did come early. Awesome review boys! I actually had this for dinner tonight for the first time not knowing about the review until now, so in spirit I would be in the backseat with you. Please keep the reviews coming. You guys are the best to do this.

Beth Flanders says:

You review a few places I don’t have nearby but I enjoy the vicarious experience. But I enjoyed this review so much, I checked, and there’s a Jersey Mike’s not too far away! So I went today and got the 55 (Kahuna chicken.) It was fabulous. I’ll be back there for sure to try other things. Love your reviews and thanks for helping me find a great new restaurant!

Anthony23Riv says:

Haha didn’t even know this happened. Enjoy both of your channels. Good shit!

xxXatheistXx x says:

just wondering can a youtuber get in trouble doing a food review with out permission?

philthekidd says:

The #43 is the truth tho.

eletor says:

I know you like Jersey Mikes being a former Jersey dude. Did you ever hit up Charlies? I spent some time in NYC and they got it like that up in the spot.

walter a heller says:

your best review, love the endorsement guy!

Ninja Greg says:

Loved the Review!! That look when he got into your car lol!!

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