Jersey Mike’s® Famous Steak Philly REVIEW!

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Jersey Mike’s Famous Steak Philly: Grilled Onions and peppers
Jersey Mike’s Subs is a submarine sandwich, or “sub”, chain
headquartered in Manasquan, New Jersey. The Jersey Mike’s
franchise has more than 750 locations open and in development
across the United States. Jersey Mike’s Subs serves submarine
sandwiches made to order, slicing the meats and cheeses as needed. A popular way to top off the sandwich with condiments is to order it “Mike’s Way”, which involves sliced onions, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, herbs and spices, and “The Juice” – a mixture of red wine vinegar and olive oil.

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Jersey Mike’s® Famous Steak Philly REVIEW!


Tyler Leznek says:

I bet it doesnt taste any where near a like a Chicago portillos Italian beef sandwich

Carlos De La Cadiz says:

looks good.

Cat Coombes says:

this squeaky dude probably gives his finger nails a teeeeeeen to

Master Splinter says:

The music in the background is the same music Infinite Elgintenity uses in his gym idiot videos….

Annihilation Inc says:

“I’ve had lots of cheese cake in my life” Yes we can all  see that joey, we can all see that….

Chris Partlow says:

It’s not a PHILADELPHIA cheese steak if it’s got peppers.Thats u its called jersey mike’s…

Zetsubou says:

The inside of the sandwich looks like a fucking ashtray

Stay_Me7o says:

“This is from the bottom of my heart” yeah where all clogged up shit is at

Raul Duke says:

Am I to understand, that you really just pulled your car over, on the side of a street, to stuff that maw ?

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LeBadman says:

Food is wrapped in aluminium foil to preserve heat.

Lori Lozano says:


King says:

Thumbs up for Slim Shady

K Dawg says:

You should do a challenge to see how squeaky your voice can get!!

Yourgirlfav23 K says:

Lol what’s wrong with him

Jared Kilby says:

God the closest Jersey Mikes from me is in Lynchburg and I’m an hour away from Lynchburg

pardyhardly says:

The real slim shady

Docwho10th says:

OMG! WHERE IS THE FRICKEN MEAT?? THAT SANDWICH IS MISSING ABOUT HALF A POUND OF MEAT!! Thanks for the video!! Now I know Mike’s has childs size meals!!

exeterra says:

“I’ve had a lot of cheese cake in my life.”

Yeah no fucking shit…

Anti thug Society says:

Actually back in Jersey and Philly. the cold sandwiches are called HOAGIES and the foil is also used back east to wrap their hot subs. Everything from cheese steaks to meatball parm subs are wrapped in foil with the exception of the hoagies which are cold cut subs. The 2 famous chees steak places in Philly are Genos and Pats but they are more for tourists and they use cheese wiz instead of provolone or American cheese. Most cheesesteak places in the Philly and South Jersey area make their cheesesteaks almost identical to Jersey Mikes… FYI. I was born and raised in Philly and I also to make them at a former job

michael cerza says:

Try the Italian sub, it is amazing how good it tastes.

Tomas Morales says:

Spread my ass how you spread that sandwich daddys

Will Conway Jr says:

Joey is eating unhealthy food better than sex?

The creepy guy in a van by your house at 3AM says:

there’s barely any steak. that’s just garbage

Logan Benda says:


Dontrell Hardwick says:

I love Firehouse Sub Turkey Bacon Ranch no Cheddar Cheese Add Provolone with lettuce, tomato, 4 cups of Captain Sauce on the side , 4 dill pickle slices on the side , mayo, spicy mustard , onions, black pepper , salt, oil and oreago, red vinegar now that’s a sub yes indeed with a bag of chips to go..try it Mr Joey Dontrell from Atlanta GA

Clean Slate Credit Solutions says:

Just ordered one based off of your review. It was yummy!! Thanks

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