McDonald’s Steak, Egg, and Cheese Bagel Review

One of my favorite breakfast items of all time that is on McDonald’s menu. Unfortunately, it is not available on their all day breakfast menu.

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Alex Pana says:

finally a good review. had to click like 5 videos and all them is just ppl eating… Thank you for a real review.

Alexis Day says:

I can eat three of them

Michael Jo says:

My favorite sandwich from the breakfast menu, it’s the steak seasoning that makes it tasty, I worked for McDonald’s for 12 years, if they don’t put that seasoning on, then it ruins the sandwich and it will taste plain and bland

Slotten says:

This is the greatest item on the entire McDonald’s menu and I’ll literally fight anyone that disagrees.

Shawn James *ShawnyJ* says:

nice review.. i do them too.. subscribe please

ajs2120 says:

This looks amazing! I hope it comes to the UK…

Jennifer Meggers says:

They don’t have these at my local McDonald’s. I used to love them when they did. Nice review. Thanks

karmah Leone says:

it looookkss sooooo goodd

Eddy Spagetti says:

haven’t seen these on the menu (in California) in like 5 years : (
they’re SOOOO GOOD.. wonder why McD’s discontinued …

Michael Jo says:

you can substitute a round egg instead of the folded egg if you prefer that. All the food is timed in the food cabinet so once the timer goes off, there suppose to throw it in the food waste bucket, however sometimes they might keep it in the cabinet a little longer, decreasing the quality of the product. Also, Mayo does not come on the steak bagel, it’s called breakfast sauce that they put on the bagel sandwiches, it’s a holinday sauce that they use, just like for eggs Benedict, it’s very tasty, ask for a side and try it

Linda Salas says:

You have such wonderful manners. I always admire those who say thanks you and smile… So sweet 😀



talldude123 says:

Looks really good, except for the onion! I had two Sausage McMuffins this morning. They taste alright; but they have gone up in price. Costed me $3.35; I’m sure in the United States you could probably get 3 Sausage McMuffins for that price.

Nannerchan says:

I moved from Tampa, Florida to Southern California about eight years ago. They don’t have this on the menu here. I’m so disappointed. It was my favorite thing. I would get it all day long, if I could. Instead here, we have thousands of spicy burritos. Gag. If you like jalapeños, come to California. For me, I’m gagging. Anyhow, good review. Tell me about your cat. He’s handsome. I’m going to subscribe.

chris the vancura says:

it’s definitely the best sandwich they have ..But how come all the steak pattys all looks exactly the same do they grow them in a laboratory? ?? JK it’s a really good sandwich wonder if they will use the steak patty on the lunch menu?

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