Mel’s Blueplate Diner Chicken Fried Steak Review – WE Shorts

Today on WE Shorts, Chris Wreckless reviews Mel’s Blueplate Diner Chicken Fried Steak!

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Omega Death says:

Give it 4/5…Nicely done Chris!!!

SpartenX12 says:

This is probably the earliest I’ve ever been for a video, good morning all.

BassGoesBoom1 says:

Do they have salad in Texas yet?

Joe Schmoe says:

The camera seems unusually smooth

Bryn Harding says:

Sorry, in a naive Brit. What’s makes a Chicken-fried Steak?

Zero Carb Queen says:

I agree with Chris, chicken fried steak is the best. I will get that every single time. YUM. 😀

KingJP_XXVIII says:

Chris is actually a good reviewer.

King Axolotl says:

If Chris gets any fatter we’ll have to call him Chris Neckless!

Amanda b says:


Karim says:

is chris too sexy for sleeves or something

magic131 says:

nothing but positive comments…4/5. what docked it a point

deztroyer76 says:

Does he really not know how to pronounce diner?

letsvlogwith bigjohn says:

that looked slamming

DiamondxSwagger4 says:

Diner not Dinner

Cacti88 says:

must be awkward to do these in the restaurant, cause they are always short and sweet

pyrochemists says:

I’ve never tried any kind of fried mushroom, but those look fine. the rest looks delicious

Force says:

That is actually what a weinerschnitzel is, but with beef instead of pork or veil.

Liam's LunchBox says:

that looks like LITERALLY my meal right there! chicken fried steak and fried mushroooms and hash are my fucking WORLD dude … drooling hahah

Dissent Truth- says:

66 6 like/dislike. do I change that?

kamal saleh says:

Just came off the Tazz show hype

Dom Stan says:

Mels blueplate diner not dinner

Connor Hussey says:

Chicken fried steak?? I’m English so I don’t get that

TREY says:

Mel’s blueplace dinner lmao

Tim Tucker says:

gay lovers

Thanos ll says:

That’s not gravy that’s Matt’s semen 😉

DomitronProductions says:

Seriously? Blueplate dinner? Chris, you’re an imbecile.

Stoner_mtl says:

death in a plate

Remjobby 61 says:

they didn’t even serve it on a blue plate, minus a point

David Alonzo says:

nice video man

Chance the Rapper says:

Lol dinner. It’s die-ner

Lee Ludtke says:

Hey u guys are not far from me. Welcome to Texas!

10:04 Productions says:

Wtf am i doing i have class in 10 minutes

Bryan Church says:

Great Review!

Russell Witkemper says:


Dennis Menace says:

Dude that looks so unhealthy, but it’s Chris so it’s okay.

buddytheweim says:

I’ll give you a deep mushroom

idol hands says:

he said dinner LMAO

Matt Lee says:

That isn’t gravy

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