This watermelon steak LOOKS like tuna, but will it TASTE like it? Find out how to make it and how it tastes on this episode of You Made What?! Big thanks to Tiffany bring the watermelon steak to my attention. 😍New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday 8 pm EST.

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Watermelon Chicken:
My recipe is adapted from this one:

Wikipedia watermelon steak:

This video is NOT sponsored. Just wanted to faux tuna steak.

“Strolling in Style 2” courtesy of Royalty-free Sprightly and from iMovie. If you’re reading this, you know what’s what. Comment: “Smile.🙃”


mortimer snerd says:

Grill: Open grid over a heat source.
Griddle: Flat, solid, heated cooking surface.
What you have there is NOT grilled.

k kurova says:

JAckfruit or heart of palm are a far superior tuna replacement

TyNyra Lewis says:

So Is this supposed to be like a dessert or what

Krafty Kreator says:

Interesting results, makes me want to try it!

warisover says:

Emmy! Man, you have made me want to try this dish. If this were offered this at a fancy shmancy restaurant I would go for it! Lots if ❤️.

Krafty Kreator says:

Love your outfit!!

S C says:

We like to call it ball sack vinegar because that’s FUN”

caleb hull says:

When she called it ball sack vinegar I knew I had to subscribe

InitialSHE says:

need to try this before the summer winds down!

LightningWar44 says:

FINALLY!!! Someone understands my hatred of both watermelon and cucumber!

peaches says:

i think picking the right watermelon is also very important. bad watermelon is just gross.

po yummy yummy says:

good good good to try some think new

USNVA11 says:

“ Jay …. what is that thing Jay ??? …… It’s a f#@king tooner Jay ! “

sharon r bower says:

The only time I might taste cucumber in a water melon is if I bite to close to the rind. Or if the water melon is not ripe.

Mike Hawk says:

The white part of a watermelon tastes like a cucumber

Brooke says:

Lmao, ballsack vinegar! XD

Emma Stafford says:

“balsamic vinegar, we like to call it ballsack vinegar because that’s fun” i died

Christina Oliver says:

Talking in questions makes it very hard to listen for very long 🙁

R. K. says:

I have to try this! I think I will add a little feta cheese and very thin ribbons of fresh basil or mint

Stephanie Gisselle says:

I love ballsacks

iMiYAMoTO says:

Love this channel but I can’t let my kids watch them with me anymore. Too much sexual talk lately for a young child’s ear.

Celery Stalk says:

ballsack vinegar?

hardworkingdiva says:

This tastes amazing with feta cheese and arugula as a salad. Super yummy.

Sara B says:

Man, I eat an average of about 15 watermelons a summer. On my own. Mmm. I’m so sad when they’re not in season!

Toy Boonsan says:

How can you disrespect melons on its day!

Ann says:

i can eat watermelon, i love it in fact, but i can’t stand cucumber.

MsKestrela says:

As a fan of both watermelon and cucumbers, this recipe intrigues me! The balsamic glaze would really hit the spot. I get what you mean about watermelon tasting like cucumber, though. I think they are distant cousins…. Thanks, Emmy!

per0 lik3 says:

Oh hellllll no if somebody pulled up at my bbq wit grilled watermelon you already know they bout to catch. These. Hands.

Blanca Egea says:

I’ve seen this mock tuna done by baking it, not grilling it :S

TerrierWhisperer says:

That’s strange, I absolutely LOVE watermelon, but don’t really like cucumbers. It must be a texture thing lol

Rem R says:

Try making some vegan smoked “salmon” next 😀 it’s made from carrots + marinade

Rin says:

Apparently with you, everything is “pretty good” loolllll

Yahh Yahh says:

Why would a vegan or vegetarian cook something similar to meat when they don’t eat meat…

Dezh22 says:

Emmy, you should make Okroshka (traditional cold Russian soup). It’s kefir and sparkling water, eggs, dill, radish, onion, cucumber. Check out Sassy Masha making it!

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