Right on the heels of the NEW McDonald’s Sirloin Burgers comes the SIRLOIN STEAK MCMUFFIN ~ Watch me review it and tell you if I endorse it or not ~ I can be VERY persuasive. And as always – Please LIKE / COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE ~ Thank You ~



Austin Paul says:

Damn, that looks crazy tasty. Never had steak from McD’s and I am pretty devoted to my egg white sausage mcmuffin but I’m gonna have to try that if it ever hits nationwide!

Christopher Page says:

We’ve had this available in Texas for years and I enjoy it..thanks for the review!

mrhappy0121 says:

Like 51 damn I missed it by one well done sir

lewiston maineiac says:

another Great Review. Great Art My friend

J Kat says:

No kids?  Did you film this at the crack of dawn?

Excellent review by the way.

goodi2shooz says:

Somebody call the authorities! Lol… Man the east coast gets all the interesting stuff and food too! Zing!

Happy Man Snacks says:

Lmao bro!!! I died when you looked behind you like 17 times!! Call the authorities!!!!

Nannerchan says:

Ironically, we can’t get the steak, egg and cheese bagel here in California. We get burritos here with no steak. What a disappointment!

Robert Dyer says:

I don’t think I’ve been through McDonald’s during breakfast since the Sirloin debuted, but I wonder if this option is everywhere or just certain locations. It looks like a good combination in this video, though.

bryan725 ! says:

Should’ve put a chicken McNugget on it! Call it the McHockeyfugget! Looks like a damn hockey puck! Lol…

drfalcon4102 says:

wish they did that here, it looks good, that and a large coffee,, id be a happy  man,, thanks

Brian Deaville says:

Oh em gee! Now I have to make another trip to Mickey D’s.

Teresa Mendoza says:

very good

jon daubert says:

Wow not even 1000 subs dude just give up

Rickugg says:

Hello: I looked very good. I would stick with the ham with mustard. I rode the mule horse out of the mountain to Bojangles and let it graze and poop in their grass while I had a gravy biscuit. I wonder what you will try next. Have a good one.

Its a Rome thing everyday says:

Will have to try it

Nick Manzione says:

Awesome review! however, i’m honestly not sure about the steak on anything at mickey d’s. Mine was just god awful.

Ed Gein says:

Three blind, crippled, and crazy senior citizens.

larry ehret says:

…………… mind is NOT playing tricks……… kids in the playroom.???……………………………….SHITTTTTTTTTTTTT……………………………….!!!

mrbubetube says:

that sandwich is banned in california

herne777 says:

Those are good, I actually prefer it over the bagel because I like the eggs like that over the scrambled.  I don’t know why the steak breakfast burrito failed.

The Showstopper Shows says:

Nice review!! I don’t do McDonald’s or that so called piece of steak but I applaud the shoe prop. The endorsement improvising like a boss.

Manakaiser says:


Until Dawn says:

Where u work theendorsement?????

Beaver Hopscotch says:

cheese tongue. lol


McDonald’s again HUH?? lol…..I’m just over here sitting in the shadows waiting for those Oreo Smores lol, soon! That’s very cool that McD’s gives you that option to add steak to any breakfast item I give them props for that….Cause ya know sausage gets kinda old after a while so to be able to add something different for a change is good and good way to bring in the mula…Great review man…Keep them coming!

its a meem you dip says:

Yeah this seems awesome, great price too, yeah either a hit or a miss when it comes to the dryness of the sirloin burger, depends on your McDonalds I guess. Good look TE!!

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