New Vivera Veggie Steak In Tesco | Is It Legit Though?!

Vivera 100% plant based vegan steak has been released exclusively in Tesco. Is it any good though?!

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Steve Stapley says:

I bloody love these!

HEALTH 1st says:

More shot vegan food

MobileDecay says:

I love when vegans actually think this garbage tastes real. This shit tastes like fuckin ass. I’m sure if you go to a really good restaurant or are a chef this shit can taste good but you have to have deep pockets and lots of time. Which means you need to have rich parents that pay your way through life.

Asela Villar says:

Can you include prices and main ingredients in your products’ reviews, please? Oh, and congratulations…4,611 views!!!!! Yeahhh!!!

Chris E says:

I’ve just had one … it’s shite, honestly no different then any other vegetarian burger…. btw I’ve been veggie for over 30 years

paul paul says:

Think i’ll stick to beef

Vivera says:

Glad you tried ‘m! 🙂

Mike Robisnson says:

I tried the Vivera mince. It tasted like pencil erasers. The Naturali one is nice.

De'Andre says:

Your suppose to cook it

Animal Liberation says:

I want this to be available in Sweden NOW

user m says:

hahaha ur crazy love it

Lander Hendrickx says:

The shoarma is legit indeed.

Eddie says:

Didn’t like it myself, the texture isn’t bad close’ish to cow flesh I suppose but not quite there and the taste just wasn’t there for me, it has that dog foody (powdered) smell aftertaste if you ask me. Bit like cardboard, not that I eat either of those things, Im just making a comparison, definitely not something I would buy again, unless they improved the flavour. Tried it with a peppered sauce as well, smothered but the taste still came through a bit, edible and I eat both my servings but not something I want to eat again. On a scale of 1 – 10 a 3 for me, but worth a try, Im not sure the soya thing is for me, but finding good vegan alternative all the time

Matt Blazze says:

Is this guy retarded?

Peculiarities says:


Paul Baker says:

Most vegans are eco conscious so wrapping it in petrochemical plastic is a big thumbs down. I tried this, was okay but prefer the burgers they do.

Andrew Wade says:

Small, expensive, and for twats. Sorry, but like many worthwhile things, I predict that inept marketing and price gouging will spell curtains for vegan meat. See, as with electric cars, society only gets the benefit of synthetic meat if EVERY SOD eats it. Why do you think margarine is cheaper than butter?

Bernard Coleslaw says:

I just had their fish burgers and was really impressed. Taste and texture was very convincing.

JackoWackoVegano says:

On a scale of 1 to legit.

David says:

Why aren’t more people like this guy.

barbacci5 says:

You’re hysterical and vegan!! Even better doll!! Awesome keep at it!!

Selma Unsley says:

How does it compare to seitan steak?

Stscey Pentz says:

I love you and your videos! You are hilarious! That being said, I don’t eat meat but still eat dairy. I don’t think Vegans really understand one important issue. When soneone goes Vegan an animal isn’t ACTUALLY saved. Nothing changes. Even if the world went 20% vegan not one animal would be saved. Unless you go yourself and actually save that animal, it doesn’t change anyrhing. It’s sad but I wish Vegans would stop spreading the lie that you just saved an animal by going Vegan because it doesn’t. I wish it did but it doesn’t.

Alba G. says:

I’m eating it right now and it does not taste like steak at all, BUT it is good.

Lazarus Read says:

Just had one to try. I’m not vegetarian or vegan but damn it was actually reaaallllyyy good.

mais oui c'est Jeanne says:

I was given one of those and threw it in the bin, it didn’t look or smell appetising at all

Laurence Devlin says:

I’m Dutch and I confirm, it’s legit! 🙂 eat it pretty much weekly

Kate Steventon says:

Overuse of the word legit noted

Sandra Brooks says:

unnecessary use of foul language, not good if young people are looking at your products.

Vegan Tina says:

Omg my husband and I tried these steaks and were revolted …. not sure if it is because they taste TOO much like meat or we just didn’t fancy them. And we love all of their other products but this one was not on our yummy list. We got them from a grocery store in Amsterdam.

at0micandy says:

only someone who doesn’t eat meat would think that this tastes like meat. It doesn’t. It is not unpleasant, but in no way is it a meat substitute. Does NOT taste like meat.

tocatchasnark 1 says:

Tried them for tea. Tasted like cheap Iceland steak burgers and a bit to salty.
I prefer quorn spicy burgers

Chris Robinson says:

You’re right, fucking legit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cam Whitman says:

I don’t trust a taste test from a vegan douche.

KerstinMamma says:

The fact that your ice cream vans doesn’t sell anything vegan sucks ass. Over here I’m Sweden all the ice cream vans sell Vegan options.

Rebecca Ryan says:

lol love it ,,,,,,,,,,,is Rampton missing a patient

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