Panda Express® | Wok Seared Steak & Shrimp Review! 🐄🍤🍚

Today I review the NEW Wok Seared Steak & Shrimp Bowl from Panda Express®! Premium Angus top sirloin and large succulent shrimp hand-tossed in a hot sizzling wok with potatoes, snap peas, bell peppers, onions and a Chinese-inspired steak sauce.

Sounds AMAZING! But do I ENDORSE it? Please watch and find out.

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ViperGhost68 says:

Ouch, 8 bucks for that is a little too much for me considering my budget I have but what you gonna do

Steven says:

Bro its only expensive because you bought the least cost efficient thing on the menu… Never buy a bowl… And never get white rice. Get a plate. You get 2 entrees and a big side that you can split. Chow mein and fried rice, its like a dollar more and you get way more food

FueledByFury says:

I see people agreeing with him on the price, but if you add $1 you get a second “meat” and much more rice in a bigger container. Where else can you go to get some orange chicken and shrimp for under $10? You people are nuts.

Roland Mendoza says:

First yes or no #bringinthepanda

drfalcon4102 says:

I was never a big Panda guy, ours sucks, we have a chinese place that looks bad , but the food is great and on price point, nice review Happy Easter

Jack Kim says:

What’s the bgm?

ras124 says:

I wonder if theres rules regarding shrimp sizes/ what a resteraunt claims what size they are in their dishes. are they actually “jumbo”…………….?

Goodi2shooz says:

Looks pretty good although I’m not the biggest fan of surf and turf together but I might try it. As for the change situation, I like getting change because I like to be prepared for situations where I need it

John Brocado says:

this looks current and delicious

Freddie's Food Reviews says:

8 dollars. Oh panda

Dave LaBadie says:

Yum that looks good! I love your reviews thank you bud!! Panda makes a chow mein

Adam Huzzey says:

It’s $11.00 here in Alaska…. I need to move lol. Great review as always! 🙂

cyoohoos says:

As someone who used to work cash registers, if you have an A-Hole for a manager and your register comes up short, you’ll get written up. True story. I worked Mickey D’s all through college. I was literally on my LAST day on the job and I got careless and gave someone change for a $20 when they gave me a ten. Most people are honest, but the younger customers rarely are. My manager took the time to write me up for having a register that came up short $10. Then when I came back as a customer a week or so later he had the nerve to ask me why I didn’t tell him it was my last day because it made him look petty.

In short, it takes a certain kind of attitude to work a cash register in a place like McD and stay polite and pleasant. I have respect for them all. So she did her job and gave you your EXACT change. The only words should be “Thank You”.

Becca M says:

price is an ouchee! don’t do shrimp, the coating and the vegies looked really good though!

Albert Wesker says:

Never had one of their “premium entrees” that was worth the extra $1.50. I fill out the receipt surveys so I basically get a free entree every time I eat there…Plus my local panda hooks it up fat so I personally don’t feel too bad about the price. But I’ve been to Panda’s where they give you tiny baby scoops and I feel like a sucker.

Andy Dufresne says:

I do really like the Angus Steak, think I’d get just a full thing of that and skip the baby shrimp though. Also, chow mein is the way to go for the starch… or half and half if you get the 2 entree. Nothing like getting some white rice mixed in with the orange chicken!

Bad Billy says:

A realistic score. I’m with you on the price. It has to more here…I’ll check. The change deal is dependent on the cashier. Maybe they were not that experienced. Did they even have a “take a penny, Leave a penny” on the counter? I was thinking of going to Panda today. Maybe they will have this.
I called. $8.10, $1.50 for the premium upgrade

Living Large on Lifetime says:

I agree, pricey! Looks delicious but for another two bucks I’d rather go to a sit down restaurant and enjoy some ambiance and a few glasses of wine! Lol I’m laughing about the change…. CHEAP Panda Express!! On the other hand save that change, dump it in a Coinstar and get a Starbucks gift code!!

Eyeball says:


Bert Plocharski says:

Panda Express are all over and none of them are that good and the prices are too high. With a thousand Chinese place in Houston to choose from, why go to Panda Express? For 8 bucks we have all you can eat places that are better value. I agree with the change, my change goes into a jar on my desk. I guess a penny is worth more at PE…LOL

Eric Weirath says:

there other steak and shrimp is probably microwave seared

JonathonTheAsshole says:

If you want the MS…er I mean “Umami” you have to pay up foodies!

Food as entertainment is really making those prices rocket.

David Thacker says:

I just stop by and get 6 rangoons and sweet n sour sauce for $4. I save all my change so it doesn’t bother me.

chaniqua smith says:

Your cheap! You should have got the plate you would have got more food.

John McCormack says:

Man for $8 I can get an all-you can eat lunch buffet of Chinese food…My girlfriend and I ate at Panda once-the food is good-but everything seemed to be a “premium” entrée which costs more.  There are 5 Chinese places and 2 Thai places around the closest Panda Express so it’s not even an option for us anymore.  Heck-I can make a dinner in my Wok for that and have 4 times the amount of food.  Nice review.

Candy Man says:

Grat vid!! That 2nd bite 4 da win!! Gtfe!! #thendorsment

CJ Cutter says:

Looks good but steep!

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