Philadelphians Review Cheesesteaks From Chain Restaurants

“This is basically a fajita.”


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Philadelphia Cheesesteak Sandwich
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Philadelphia Cheese Steaks
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Cheesesteak preparation
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Zack Arch
Jim’s South Street
Devy Setiady
Darion Queen
Jillian Ma


Lauren Watts says:

Can we discuss how only one of those people where actually from a neighborhood in Philly

Connor McCool says:

You can’t be a real Philadelphian if you say Tony lukes is the best you have genos Jim’s or pats

Bongwyre2112 says:

It’s called a SUB not a Hogtie, Hogtie is something that comes out of your nose. A Sub, is a Sandwich. It’s never Hoagie. Sometimes it’s a Hero. But never a Hoagie. And FYI: Cola is Soda, not pop. SODA.

Dominique Randall says:

Max’s or Any corner store in the city if you want a that real feel

Delcio Acosta says:

Bodegas in NYC make pretty good cheese steaks. Our bread is mad good too. They’re only $5 too.. Free soda

DecentlyGood says:

All these chain restaurants but no Charley’s… a chain thats MAIN FOCUS is “cheesesteaks”

fluffyllamaslime says:

i feel like none of these people are from philly, i’m actually from philly and i don’t believe it

leela puffer says:

im from Delaware and i have never met anyone from here who says they’re from philly… like what???

dinein1970 says:

The Philly Cheese Steak Sammich is an overrated sandwich.

The Philly Pork Sandwich… Now THAT is a SANDWICH!!!!

Sneaker Love says:

These are the type of people avoid LMAO. Especially the ones that went in being biased and trying to act to “philly”

Chris Tauber says:

this video pisses me off so much. Like these fuckers act like they’re an evolved species of human because they live in the Delaware/Jersey suburbs.

Aiyana Williams says:

The best cheesesteakes in philly are from the damn papi store, Ishkabibble’s, or Jim’s. Only tourist go to Pat’s or Geno’s and they steakes trash.

Ashleigh Chenier says:

You can tell I’m Canadian by the fact that I thought a cheese steak was a steak with cheese on it and thought that hooters was only in movies

JumpyGames says:

Yo I am from Montgomery county

Crystal Love says:

Charley’s is good

timothy clement says:

The video proves people from the burbs push Philly stereotypes

I’m from South Jersey and their fav choices disgusted me

And wiz doesn’t make a cheese steak

Stephen Pfaff says:

Trash city

MR Veneziano says:


ZECTCustomUnit says:

Which place does the whole “NO CHEESE STEAK FOR YOU!!!” if you take too long? It was featured so many times just the way they boot you is hilarious.

Haley Faragalli says:


Jesss.s_ Smith says:

That girl looks exactly like Gabbie Hanna omg

David Thomas says:

Phuck Philly…

m m says:

Fly Eagles Fly

Eric Warwick says:

I recognize Tony Luke’s from man vs food. Go Adam Go, Go Adam Go!

Eric Rosario says:

Penn station????

Kathleen Wells says:

Can you do a Detroit’s and coneys version of this?? Haha

Amiyah Dougal says:

Delaware fam wya? !!!!

Allie Lon says:

i’m from Philly!

Julia G says:

JIMS!!!!!! (And Tony Luke’s)

Chris K. says:

Everyone just ignores Philly’s Best

Jay says:

Jersey Mikes is great but they always short the meat on the ends and i end up getting mostly bread. but other than that, they got a solid cheesesteak

legohero1st says:

Dont mind me I’m just a random asian dude who is completely obesessed with philly cheese steak.

LArry Floyd says:

The girl who said Genos opinion does not count

janseen82 see says:

You guys forgot Cheesecake Factory bread

Chelsea C says:

omg the girl in the green beanie…… it’s not that deep bruh

Ebrima Mbenga says:

I like how the lady with the wawa hoodie complained about “fake cheese” yet she wanted cheese wiz. Idk, maybe it’s a Philly thing

Andrew Paino says:

2:40 Is it a lesbian or a straight?

Ashleigh Chenier says:

This reminds me of a Canadian seeing an American poutine

CidsReality says:

Most cheese steaks are either too juicy and they soak the bun, the bun is low quality, too much cheese or the meat doesn’t have flavor. i’d say where I personally found the best philly so far for me, but I might lose all credibility lmao.

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