Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill Review

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Penelope M. says:

Put water in the pan

BoBo Mcduckenstein says:

This is what happens when you do not know how to grill a “steak”.

Youtuber Trump says:

$275 for a flavorless food grill. America is amazingly stupid.

madkappa1 says:

Perfectly cooked steak!

AlexVids says:

not spanish num nuts

Jean-Pierre Pellet says:

As we say in Spanish: quel con!

Air Jibbs says:

How is the clean up of the inside walls?

Lee Darin Jr says:

I can feel my electric bill going up

Ryan Cassidy says:

Title should be: Super Mario, now.

MrLposi says:

medium rare? medium well on a sunny day!

Darren M says:

Just the fact that its Infrared is the turn off for me

PharaohsKingdom says:

Krups now has a indoor smokeless grill on sale at Macy’s. I would love to see a review on that.

SiNKarnage says:

5:59 Anyone else see the white streak running along the grill?

anthony whitehead says:

wow.u showed me that this product worked.thank u 4 showing this

Sam G says:

I wonder which one will last longer the George Foreman or the Phillips. Use them for 6 months and see how well they perform. I was never a big fan of Phillips or Lloyds

kaysay716 says:

Thanks for the review, the unit is too expensive for me. I will continue to use the George Foreman regular grill I got at the Goodwill for $6.
I did notice Jack that you have a lot of angry commenters. How strange is that? Anyway, thanks again.

Carlos Noguez says:

U need to put some water in the tray while u are cooking for it not to smoke

MrSilverserpent says:

You didn’t preheat it, no wonder there was no sizzle….

Bae minecraft says:

I don’t care about George foreman grill I just to here about Phipps grill

Paupers Budget says:

Cooking a chuck roast like a steak? I tried and it was try and tough. The next time I cooked it low and slow and was fork tender like a pot roast. . . Thanks for the video I’ll look for the grill you have.

alisha Dawn says:

every ones complaining its 275.00 do u realize thats good no more charcoal prices no lighter nothing so that’s great

internetjulio says:

You imbecile that’s not Spanish

Michael Hallman says:

Your awesome good reviews and the “prayer line” is cool. You can really see your light shine

Sir William Wallace says:

Ruined that steak

Cruz Florez says:

Tf this fool just say. That’s not Spanish

Arne Hansen says:

No soap on the grill grate ever

Mark McCartney says:

Would it not be better to spend all that money on a cast iron skillet?

TheVeR01 says:


Scott Lawrence says:

Add water to the drip tray to help reduce smoke. Really too big of chunk of meat lol.

Olimpo 2016 says:

Umm, it did not convince me at all this indoor smoke-less grill.

Nita Cruise says:

You say it cooked 30 more minutes earlier then the George Foreman. I bet the George Foreman steaks cooked better and not raw.

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