Range Mate Pro Review: Microwave Grilling?

Can you really grill food like steak and chicken in your microwave using the Range Mate Pro? I put it to the test with several different types of food and the results were surprising.

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mipmipmipmipmip says:

That grill seems pretty good after some practice. I think the rice I can do in a rice cooker in a similar amount of time.

Steven Rodriguez says:

You should’ve let the steak rest a bit instead of the 30 second increments.

TheRanblingjohnny says:

11 minutes steak… In a pan that a 5 minutes job. 3.5 minutes for a single grilled cheese. In a pan you make like 4 in the same time. (Who really want just one!)

Mohamad Hariz Nor Hisham says:

That thing protects the food against radiation?

George Puyol says:

American cheese looks terrible. Like a slab of yellow plastic. Yuck.

Nicholas Washburn says:

lol pretty sure thats not how microwaves work

Ballsack Barry says:

Love this guy

seah wen qi victor says:

imo i would just use the muffin pan to make the sunny side up eggs XD

Oreo Gaming says:

If you want a good crust on the chicken you should tap them with a paper towel so they are dry

Joby Job says:

Nuke that shit .

Justme says:

What microwave wattage were the instructions based on? That would help those interested in the product to operate better on the first try.

Ohno Mytumtum says:

How did the texture feel? my thing about microwaves is how it sometimes make any meat have this rubbery feeling

Manuela Sadoquis says:

That steak took as long as pan frying would have.

Evan G says:

Yes love it

Jeff Stanley says:

I like your presentation and what I call a good review. I would not buy this especially for $80 but I would not buy it for $10 either so that point is moot. I did subscribe because it was a good review.

mcgibs says:

Meh. I don’t like how finicky it can be to get it “zeroed in” for your particular microwave. I’d rather just use my stove/oven and deal with the cleaning.

dryadson says:

I always see that with American households a microwave above the stove. Why don’t they use an cooker/extractor hood?

RackhirTheRed says:

This is surprising. I’d never even heard of this thing but now I want one.

whiterabbit75 says:

American cheese in a grilled cheese? Boo. Still, that looks like a pretty amazing product.


just like you like it? A half really rare and half way overdone steamed steak… is that how you order it?

SolarizeYourLife says:

So is it made of cast iron insert???

ISOHaven says:

That’s great! If you like hard rubbery fat. No way in hell any of that fat was properly rendered. Done or not, that’s just gross! Thanks for the review though! Looks like it might be good for other things. Those eggs were hilarious!

Mark Pedrick says:

Love the review as you show the look of the food, but how does the food taste? I am really curious about the steak. Was it juicy and buttery flavored?

BroskyWhoDatedHoski BroskyWhoDatedHoski says:

my ex was a chef.steak is tricky.steak cooks after u take it off heat. steak is better in a skillet imo. or in a oven broiling it

Jay Morales says:

In a wounded Veteran and seeing your videos really helps me out a lot because in bound to a wheelchair doing regular stuff like going to the patio and grilling a nice steak is a challenge but thanks to you, I find myself yet again being able to enjoy things that I use to enjoy when I was full body able.

PitBull Patriot says:

Looked done the first time

Chris Rodrigue says:

You got to let the steak set for like 5 mins bc it still is cooking in it’s juices. Good video!!

Isaac Ixtupe says:

Its not grilled if you pop it in the microwave…

Raioni says:

Do we even need a kitchen at this point? I’m thinking a microwave and a fridge is enough.

Ethan Riley says:

Not everyone likes it well done or medium well so I mean it is cooking

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