Rare Uruguay Steak vs. Japanese knife vs. Italian steak knife

830g Ribeye Steak from Uruguay, first seared on high heat, then brought up to 52°C / 125°F internal temperature. As finish seared with butter and rosemary. A Japanese petty knife runs against an Italian steak knife.


Galactic Troller says:

For all these stupid ass comments saying its raw: Its not raw, its medium rare and thats how people in uruguay and other southamerican countries eat meat

Sage Ace says:


Михаил Шелуха says:

Я слышу как там личинки летают

Pastro nomía says:

With all do respect, you have NO idea about how to cook uruguayan steak.

bad ass says:

That’s still raw inside

Pawan Kumaran says:

Eating raw, that’s gross, damn you, that you posted this damn video

HyperIN says:

Какой смысл был жарить и так мучаться, если оно один фиг сырое, фу….! Можно было сразу из упаковки есть, разницы не заметили бы. (я в курсе что это прожарка такая, но это мерзко)

yaya722334455 says:

Oh so now everyone a chef right?

Victor LumYou says:

Even that fly knows whats good.

Sage Ace says:


nyxn jmnz says:

that’s one blunt japanese knife. i lost my apettite right after it sliced a quarter of an inch into the steak.

Алексей Соловьев says:

И что? Нихрена не прожарился!

Бек Мухаматов says:

А где рецепты

ChronicRain says:

Might as well eat a live cow

Aden Films says:

Knife action time: A comment about my serrated steak knife (in the “Duck breast al Sichuan” video) made me think and order 2 knives the same day. An Italian steak knife set and a single standing Japanese petty knife. Please don’t get to close to the screen, both knifes are rather sharp.
Next destination for the Grand Europe Tour is England and Scotland.

Pedro M.C. says:

One more way to spoil good meat, by putting butter

DahvidMusic says:

Raw!! Could have eaten it without putting it in the pan. Sick!!!

Sage Ace says:


frans lipin says:

This is medium rare

Sage Ace says:


Sage Ace says:


Рахат Осмоналиев says:

У нас у кыргызов принято если мясо розовое то она ещё не готова к употреблению, никогда не пробовал полуготовое мясо.

Бек Мухаматов says:

Dustlarim bir narsa tayorlyapsizlarmi aytinglar nimada sizlarni siralariz bulmasa by sizlarniki emas

Sage Ace says:


Deyve Maranhao Barros Barros says:

Muito bonita á carne o preparo, porém dava pra ouvir os gritos da ave quando ele cortou a carne afff muito cru….

Rishad Sabirjan says:

Че за хуйня

Ivan Shakirow says:

Бля, и нахер я смотрю это в пол первого ночи

Julia Lisa says:


Masaharu Morimoto says:

oh my… this is pornographic! The butter was the money shot!

jafar Chickk says:

Гавно полное

Thot Patrol. says:

oh yeaah.

MIN TEY says:

that is raw n blood is ozzing out

Akuma AJZP says:

Eso no es rare xD

Lokeyin Koo says:

Its just a ribeye

Sage Ace says:


Muhammed Abd Almougod says:

دي نيه في النص

Рустем Сакаев says:

Гавно а не стейк

Julian Vargas says:

0:20 who is she?

Sage Ace says:


Wapruha says:

Фууууу. Испортил стейк, пздц. С тебя повар, такой кусок мяса испортил.

anji kuthadi says:

Its not boild yar

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