Sizzling Steak With Fresh Compound Butter ~ Steak Bed Review

In this video I show you how to cook a delicious ribeye steak using the new “Steak Bed”, and finishing it with a homemade compound butter that adds amazing flavor to the steaks!

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KIRBBQ says:

great cook as always and interesting product!

Archie says:

Russ those steaks looked amazing along with that compound butter

Suburban BBQ says:

The butter alone was worth the watch! Thanks for posting this.

shelly bean says:

Great job! You are a braver soul to get out there in the cold and wind!

Abdullah bin Bobby At-Taaeb says:

11:46 You can see his cat trying to get into kitchen.


Rus. I’m making this Butter now, My question is.. how long will it last in the fridge?

Big Rons Hobbies says:

That looked great Rus, liked them steak beds and I liked it keeps the juices and steak warm when rested.

Jus' Piddlin BBQ says:

Those steaks looked great and the steak bed worked fantastic, but that butter was the star! Great job!

Bill Mayhew says:

That looks great but what is more interesting to me is that I have never seen anyone make butter before. I understood the concept, but never saw it. Pretty cool. Also, I did not know that was how you make buttermilk (I don’t like it, but it’s interesting). Can you use that buttermilk to make biscuits or pancakes or more importantly to me, can you use it to make Creme Fraiche (essentially really good sour cream)? The recipe is just heavy whipping cream and a little bit of “cultured” buttermilk? Do you know if this would work? (Apparently there is a culture in buttermilk that starts the process to convert the cream to creme fraiche (sour cream). Thanks as always!

doublejbbq says:

love those steak beds, wish you did this video before christmas, my wife loves her fire pit

Leonardo Divinci says:

Great again Rus. How is that offset smoker vs. vertical smoker comparison coming? Help a brother out!

SmokeyGoodness says:

Amazing, Rus! The sizzle, the compound butter, the steak plates, cutting the steaks with a butter knife, and kitty, who really wants out (or in)! All of our best wishes for Russ, too!

Joseph Stokes says:

I tried to cook with propane in my garage the other day. The garage was around 40F and the propane would barely flow!


Thanks Buddy!!

cuttingtooldesigner says:

Another great video Russ!! When are you and Adam getting together again? Keep up the great work and thanks.

Biggs' Home Cookin' says:

Nice product for cooking oysters and steaks… the steaks with butter looked great! Thanks : )

Peter Pawlak says:

11:50 you have a visitor lol

Karlos Raver says:

That whole dish looked delicious

Adam's Brewery and Shop says:

Russ, all I can say is WOW. I never knew you could make butter like that. Those steaks looked amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Jaxx Drinkwater says:

I’d eat that! Steak bed looks like a cool product. I wouldn’t mind having a couple of those to take on some camping trips.

Ray Mack's Kitchen and Grill says:

*Russ…hit diggy dog that steak looks good. I’ve got to give that compound butter a try… You made it look so easy to make. And how did you get that concept for the kettle rack with the chain hanging over the pit…? I would love to know how you did that because that was pure genius.* and my prayers are with Russ helms also.

country life says:

Ok ima just ask. Could you have put all your seasoning in the cream and let it blend together while it was making??? That steak looks delicious that’s just how I like it

cayogator says:

For most of my cookin life, just ate steak right off the grill (after a rest) till that butter trick, your’s looks delicious !

AD4MRick says:

Russ I was born and raised in northwest Florida and watched my Grandma churn butter many times. I have never seen it made the way you just did. Thanks for teaching an old dog a new trick. Great video. R

DaGauntlett says:

Im hungry…

Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

Really nice meal Sir.
I have not made my own butter since cooking class in highschool. I need to do that – looks great.

Thank you for inspiring over and over again Rus!

Tango Joe says:

Here’s to Russ @ Smokes A Rollin’! All our thoughts & prayers Brother.
This is a great video Rus, that ‘steak bed’ is excellent.

Wretched42 says:

Love the photo-bombing cat at 11:33 trying to bust through the door and Bogart herself some of that steak.

Smokes A Rollin says:

Rus, Thank you so much. More importantly though, The butter! My goodness. I never knew how to make it. Now I do and the buttermilk is a plus. The steak bed is a killer idea. Those ribeyes were done to perfection. If anyone wants to know why this is my favorite channel on YouTube, Look no further!!! You’re fantastic, Brother

Booger500us says:

You’re a good friend Charlie Brown…Much love to you and T for sending out this msg to/for Russ. Steak looked amazeballz, gimme that buttah!

Ineluctable Smith says:

Thanks Russ That butter opens up a whole world of ideas and things to do with it. And so easy to make. Those steaks look amazing as well. Another great video! Man, keep them coming. I tell everyone I know about your channel. That grill looks like it could be useful for other things too! Thanks Again Russ.


Any one else notice the cat looking to enjoy some steak also?

GQue BBQ says:

dayuuuum Rus that was really cool how you made your own butter…just like the ole days haha! Great video brother – Steak looked outstanding! Those steak beds are sure to keep a steak hot – did you notice any carryover cooking caused by it?

nathan0717 says:

No metal taste from the plating?

Rob Metzger says:

Look good. Do they offer a wood block/plate to place the steak plate on? I’m curious if it would damage the table since it would still be fairly warm.


Thoughts & prayers for Mr. Smokes A Rollin’ for sure. Man, that Steak Bed gave that ribeye a perfect sear!!! I enjoyed watching you making some compound butter too Rus. Great video brother!!!

Vito Corleone says:

wild garlic is also absolutely amazing for butter

Dave Da Drummajor says:

That looks amazing. Great product as well as cook. Right up my alley. Would definitely have to try this in a park as my landlord doesn’t allow barbecuing outside the apartment. Only a God knows the answer. I will be trying the compound butter though. Might add a touch of oregano and terragon to it just to experiment with it. Will let you know how it goes.

Tristan Carter says:

Looks great Russ..I that butter. Quick question does it have to be 6 cups or can it be two cartons which is about 8 cups. Can I just put the whole 8 in the mixer?

Hubert Shitmeyer says:

happy new year, rusty and lemme tell you, 10:35 was the moneyshot, bro! simple, easy to make heaven on a plate. however, i would have loved to see you outdoors, swinging around that butter in a cloth until dry.

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