– UMAi Dry Age Steak Bags Review – 30 Day Dry Aged Loin Strip – This is part two of my demonstration and review of the UMAi ry Age Steak bags. See the results of a 12.3 lbs. Strip Loin after aging in the fridge for 30 days. The flavor is amazing. You can make steaks as good if not better then the expensive steak houses.


Mark Henderson says:

please cut away from you Rob!!! 😎

Gary Vander Giessen says:

Lot of haters here….. Thanks for the vid Rob. 🙂

Caleb Robertson says:

After all that, you over cooked it. Shame.

foxbow90 says:

why can’t you eat all those trimmings? seems to me that would be the best part 😛


Thanks Rob. I approved both of your videos too.

Barbara Austin says:

How to you make Tatanka dust?

J Ro says:

I’ve been waiting for this video! Rob you’re the bbq, master, looks great. I’m going to try these bags now.

The CheeseMaker says:

Are there any bags other than UMAi?  They seem so costly.  Can they be used more than once?  

AmongU says:

nice job! i think i am going to try these….

Tigran Oganesyan says:

you need some new tongs

Rob Green says:

Oh no! That stuff is scrap for the garbage. 🙂

Cwrigh25 says:

Anyone else cringe when they heard 139 degrees?

kimble kottmann says:

medium well… overcooked for sure
do it over!!!

GS S says:

3:25 almost sliced that finger open. You use common sense. Cut away from you and clear of any body parts.

Savage Henry says:

Great video! Thank you for all of ’em, I enjoy them a lot.
But I have to let you in on something, I get the same dry aging results but with nothing more than regular food saver bag. I season the steak in my rub of choice. Seal it and toss it in the fridge for a week. BOOM! easier and cheaper

Rob Green says:

The method you are doing is wet aging and the aging duration is much shorter then that of dry aging. One will get good results buy once you try dry aging its a new world in steaks. 🙂 The UMAi dry age steak bags actually let moisture out so you accomplish a dry age and since they keep bacteria out you can dry age for extended periods of time. Some go 45 days.


Such a waste of meat. I really hope this is all worth it. Having had dried aged ( and wet aged) steaks before, the difference was noticeable, but not worth the cost factor.

kj8060 says:

great vid, what are you doing with all those parts you cut off? maybe good for chili or in stew?

Ineluctable Smith says:

I have done this as well and I find just waiting until I get ready to cook them before I trim the bark is a better way. You scared me to death using that knife toward your hand. I realize you wanted to do the video though. Good video though, thanks!

Rob Green says:

Yes as well as use the dry age bags.

Carlos G says:

just finished a 31 day aged choice ribeye from costco …freakin’ amazing steaks !

Smoky Ribs BBQ & Southern Cuisine says:

Wow, I could tell from your expression just how good that steak was! I’ll be doing this very soon! I already have the bags, but since my sealer is busted, I’ve got to invest in a new one

Carlos G says:

And save that crust for your dog …!!!!!

Lemazive says:

This is why I miss the US as a swede, such great produce. The beef is just amazing and its saddens me to see people judging the US on what some few people does.

Dexter Fishbourne says:

nope… it will coast up to about 145 or so before it stops

Rob Green says:

Yes it was amazing. I have to say I’m still digging on that 1st bite. 🙂

euphoria mania says:

meh. i feel like wet-aging is so much better since you dont lose any beef.

Adam Li says:

why well done

B Tango says:

Hi…thanks for your time making these two vids..i noticed in your first vid the amount of plastic was a lot longer than the second vid…did you have to reseal the bag during the 30 days?

JustAnotherKneeGrow says:

For people watching this, you should really remove the steak around 130* if you want a medium rare. 140* produces a medium steak, which *most* people don’t like. Medium rare produces the best combination of juiciness and proper texture. Rare results in a bit of a slimy feel, medium is a bit drier.

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