Steak in the Range Mate Product Review

Steak fast and tender in the microwave.


Private Lender says:

Quicker to throw them both on the grill, and you know grilling will taste better than microwaving.

garytiffin306 says:

steak well done…. shoulda had the chicken!

Jim Libby says:

Best tip.. Preheat the frill for about 3 mins before you cook a steak, after all, do you cook a steak on a cold outdoor grill, no you preheat the grill.. same with this.. get better grill marks, and better fresh, or thawed than cooking frozen as well..

Cookingwith Rick says:

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Bryan Garson says:

uhh wow your cooking a piece of plastic. It doesn’t look bad once its cooked though.

Derry Shore says:

Yes you have actually braised your steak instead of grilling, best to do this with thawed meat. I have the one that has the press with it an gives perfect lines and it does actually grill. I have done steak in it, also cheese toasties,and has turned out lovely. Meant to say you have to preheat the grill for 3 mins before putting food in

ravenblackhawke says:

Those steaks are not grilled they are steamed in their own liquid.
That Range Mate steams all the food and does not grill anything.

The taste must be just awful, and cooking from fresh instead of frozen will still steam the steaks.

Anyone who ever grilled their foods on a real honest to goodness grill  whether it be charcoal, wood, or gas knows how grilled foods become grilled, and this again reinforces the truth that this Range Mate is a steamer and not an item which can grill any food.

My neighbor also bought one and made a steak for us which the dogs ended up eating, and she sent hers back to get a complete refund as the steaks were not grilled but steamed in their own juice, and she did use fresh not frozen steaks.

Tricia Thomas says:

Pre-heat the rangemate for a few minutes and then put a fresh steak in. You’ll hear and see the difference right away. Much more of a “grill” look and taste! Good luck!

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