Steak ‘n Shake BACON ‘N CHEESE TRIPLE XTREME STEAKBURGER COMBO! THREE Steakburger patties with stacks of ultra premium hardwood-smoked bacon and more cheese!!! Available in a combo for only $7.99!!!

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Chris Walker says:

Steak&Shake are up there with Hardees for decent burgers. Plus they don’t have a high price.

remoniaful says:

red ring of death-tomatoes
crunchy water-lettuce

Kippy Luv says:

unless they say that deluxe doesn’t cum w/the burger & or u have 2 ask 4 it, then I should’ve gotten it on ur burger. 🙂

The Buchanan Family says:

wow that was a looooong wait!

chynaa doll says:

you should do wing stop the orignal hot -atomic – lousiana rub – garlic parmesan

George Ballard says:

that looks legit. me so hungry.

Veego von DOOM- Reviews! says:

Steak N Shake is always slow. But that looks incredible.

Mahagony Hogan says:


joshuaeg88 says:

omg………. dude each bite must be heaven. 10/10 all the way

jared chappel says:

Ole Boy looks just like John C Reilly, so maybe it should be “Shake and Bake”!

NickBrianWalters says:

for over 30 years my fav has been the bacon n cheese double steak burger with cheese fries and a shake….then ask for extra cheese sauce to dip the burger in.

Michael K says:

Stupid..25 minutes and NOT for free??????
Fuck it…. go to a steakhouse.

Barry Dimmock says:

Looks like you need a bra

chynaa doll says:

you should do wing stop the orignal hot -atomic – lousiana rub – garlic parmesan

Michael K says:


ZachManZ71 says:

I would have bitched and got the meal free after 25MIN!!! Lol

SNBoomer says:

“I don’t have to sell this to you…”

Continues to sell this to us

Jaysenpizza says:

You should review PDQ if you can make it to one of their NC locations. Awesome fries chicken sandwiches and tenders.

debb903 says:

Omg. Take a pill. Sooo loud

chynaa doll says:

you should do wing stop the orignal hot -atomic – lousiana rub – garlic parmesan

Tender Sheep says:

That burger looks good AF! I’m definitely going to try it. The one in my town is always fantastic but it does take awhile even when they aren’t busy.

Dave Da Drummajor says:

New rule for them. If you can eat their burger in 5-6 bites they can’t charge over 7$. We have spoken

reptilianarmy420 says:

The Frisco melt is my all time favorite

Unforgiven says:

Haha when you first took out the fries i was like, “damn, they did you wrong on so little fries” and then half was in the bag haha 🙂

Break Through says:

Coke zero made me laugh.

Buscuits Acc says:

is this gordon ramsays american cousin

Dan K & Friends says:

steak n shake is FIRE

Darion Williams says:

I work at steak n shake and trust me it’s no joke when your by yourself

craig tiffany says:

she apologized at least. very polite Lady.

Joshua Davis says:

I love steak & shakes burgers especially their one they call the Wisconsin butter burger.

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