Steak ‘N Shake NEW Prime World’s Best Brisket Steakburger REVIEW

Whitfield’s Food Revue head’s to Steak ‘N Shake to review their NEW Prime World’s Best Brisket Steakburger REVIEW for nutritional info and locations

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Jeff Debban says:

Why is your wife eating small bites?

I liked the video btw

StripperLicker says:

Closest Steak ‘N Shake is a 3 hour drive. I watch you two eat and I weep.

Strung Out says:

Where can I get a Jason Voorhees mask like that for Halloween?

MO Silver says:

Give Jen some food, and way better than a 4/5.

reelreeler says:

I eat at Steak ‘n Shake all the time and haven’t tried the Prime Steakburger because I was afraid it wouldn’t taste like Steak ‘n Shake should taste.  Your review confirmed what I was thought.   Thanks for the review, and I’ll stick to my double Steakburger with cheese.

William Burgess says:

They really raised the steaks on this one! I doubt other food companies would brisket!

kitty friend says:

steak n shake is kinda far away.. but there is one we pass on the highway now and then at least

CodyP2112 says:

I almost died laughing when I saw the ad for this burger this morning. SIX ounces? And they stick a knife in it? Give me a break.

Corey Dempsey says:

The nearest Steak N’ Shake to me closed… But there are 3 other locations but they are 30 to 40 miles away one way… But I may have to go review this… GREAT video…

Joey M says:

Until this video, I had no idea this was on their menu. I will definitely try this. It would be really good if they made their chili with brisket. That would make my visit a blissful one.

George Ballard says:

wouldn’t even get to that. i always order the frisco melt. damn. i want a frisco melt.

kitty friend says:

that looks gooood

PureIrish77 says:

Dam Right I smacked that like Button!

John Krop says:

Closest steak and shake for me would be 200ish miles away and the the price sounds good to me. My friend and i would drive to madison for a gyro some nights so double that for a burger is ok i think?

Nikolai Nixon says:

I thought it taste like a McDonald’s burger. Their regular steak burger is better.

Koji 888 says:

Dishonest advertising. Not Prime. It’s … PR ME, with a knife in the middle.

GorgeousRoddyChrome says:

Great video, guys. Isn’t it about time for a *Food Fight*? How about a 3-way pizza place wings cage match? Say… Dominos v. Papa Johns v. Pizza Hut? 🙂

Steve Jones says:

would it be a little tastier with your homemade bbq or mac sauce?

Tba 1 says:

It’s chuck. How is that in any way “premium”? Years ago SNS was actually good. Now it’s not. The only way to get a true premium product is to return to Gus Belt’s original recipes and lower the sodium levels.

Huddy and The Chili King says:

That looks good. We have a 30 minute drive to our closest Steak ‘N Shake, but I might have to venture over this weekend.

JxT1957 says:

just tried it.. best burger yet i give it 5 stars

ibambu says:

How much is the burger?

kinglarryjr 415 says:

Not bad for the combo

Enfurno says:

Omfg Jen has braces?!

Tom Duban says:

It’s a brioche bun.

All right then. says:

Never been to one. A Toronto boy. Looks like a Wendy’s burger. Minus the square thing.

Esteban Dufanzo says:

First of your videos I’ve seen. Is Jenn always that… odd? She just stares at the camera like she’s looking into your soul and barely speaks…

Talinor Stormrock says:

The distinct flavor is just savory seasoning. They didn’t put enough of it on your burger that’s why it doesn’t taste like Steak ‘n Shake. Just for the burger it’s $5.79. It’s also on a brioche bun.

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