Steak – Perfectly Grilled EVERY TIME – Steak Champ Review

Steak! Everyone loves a great juicy and tender steak, but it doesn’t always turn out perfect. But with the Steak Champ Intelligent Thermometer your steak will come out perfectly cooked every single time. The Wolfe Pit shows you how to perfectly grill a steak every single time.

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Tess Cooks 4u says:

Wow, the steak turned out nice and juicy and med rare.. Great review. 🙂

Jack Burton says:

Steak Champ $60 or meat thermometer $6, hmm….

Jacob Bain says:

Can you cook a brisket can you

Alisa Wooten says:

I need one of those, because I almost always over cook my steaks. Thanks Larry.

Leasha413 says:

Looks very good . Btw what kind of knife is that that your using to cut it ?

BigMeat Sunday says:

cool gadget !

TosTinMan EasyCooking says:

Pretty cool little thermometer!

White Thunder BBQ says:

Larry, you are the streak champ!


this steak looks delicious!! great review

xProx(Silence) says:

Did you catch that primal grill episode

Nadi Da says:

Perfection like always!

LumberjackPa says:

….and in this corner the steak champion of the world. Thanks for sharing Larry. I’m gonna share it on Facebook. You’re welcome.

snookie65 says:

Clever little gadget, but expensive. I’ll stick to my free experienced finger. lol Great review, Larry!

Thaneii says:

Well that’s a clever little gizmo, but does a Grill Master such as yourself need that?  I’m sure you’re just doing this demo for dummies like me who can never get the same results twice.  Thanks, Larry.

Lumpy Q says:

What, no Horseradish. Lol. Hey nifty unit Larry and that Steak was perfect.

Kulinary Kreations says:

The steak and sandwich look delicious Wolfe! I love that new gadget! I need one of those. I think it’s funny that it has no light for well done. LOL. TFS! :))

JUKENZ says:

That steak champ looks interesting

LovelyNaturalChick says:

May I have a slice or two of that steak please?? lol.

Smoking Bullet BBQ says:

Perfect steak my brother! That’s a cool little gadget!

Ballistic BBQ says:

Pretty wild gizmo Larry! Thanks for the upload!

CareyP1972 says:

Great review Larry!

GrillingAndSmoking says:

Cool gadget Larry. Great cook as always!

OldManCooking says:

Nice Steak there Larry! 🙂

BeeRich33 says:

Can we call JB the Broccoli Champ?

Simple Cooking With Ammoon says:

I’ve never used a thermometer while cooking :-)…… I don’t know how it works with me, but I need to try a thermometer sometimes…. Thanks for sharing this amazing simple recipe…

AllasYummyFood says:

omg droooling!! i want this now!!!

Jeremiah Johnson says:

Nice product. I may have to check that out. Is a bit expensive tho.

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