Steak Slice Recipe | Greggs Steak Bake Review and Copycat Recipe

The Steak Bake from Greggs is one of my favourite things they do. A steak bake is a bit like a pastie. Greggs steak bake is flaky pastry sandwiching a savoury beef and onion filling. Other bakeries make their own version of this and they generally call it something like a steak slice. Whatever you call it, steak bake is easy to make and is a very tasty snack.







DjTechnoid says:

Wow, that looks so good and flakey and savory!!!

A.James Reilly says:

Ey up Keef, the crusts are the best part.

stealthop says:

looks amazing keef .

Richard Schmidtendorff says:

Chicken redemption at its best… I have to go shopping and make them.

Marcos Mützenberg says:

Why someone does not like this video?

cato says:

Hi keef. Great video!!

davegoes says:

Awesome! I’ve got to make this.

Dwayne Wladyka says:

That looks really tasty. Cheers Keef!

Kelley Cunningham says:

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Brodie says:

5:44 How’d you do that Keef?

TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge says:


Craig Jessup says:

It’s not right seeing someone tuck into a steak bake without being appropriately dressed. Please pop the tracksuit on beforehand in the future, Keef!

Can hear a weird hissing/wobble sound on the audio, incidentally!

admirathoria 00 says:

We don’t have this in the US. So I will definitely give this a try. Thanks Keef!

Dunk Edwards says:

Very enjoyable viewing, thanks


When I’ll grow up I’ll chop onions like you! : D

Theresa Newcomb says:

Have u ever made pickled pigs feet or pickled watermelon rines would u be willing to try to make some my mom use to can them along with alot of other things but she’s gone now an I don’t know what happened to her recipes so if u could make a video of how to make them I’d be so happy

up4atgal says:

I love steak bakes and now I fancy one. The chicken bake is nice too


I hate the food in Greggs ,but do have the odd steak bake though lol Good vlog Keef .yes they did look better ,and sure did taste better also .What a good job you got Mrs Keef to taste test Really needed a dollop of ketchup though


I had forgot all about Greggs lol, your version shat all over their mate. Looked awesome, would be great with creamy mushroom and chicken pie mix also. Lovely. Cheers Moose.

joe Thomson says:

I personally don’t care for Gregg’s anymore. The pound bakery is better, Lol and I will definitely try Your version, Keef 🙂

Nefarious Rogue says:

Excellent onion chop!

Sarah Clarke says:

Yeyyy loved this ,absolutely perfect.. do you reckon you could do a de constructed Big Mac and construct your own and I love Mrs Keef cooks review of your food at the end such a lovely couple xxx

MultiChef888 says:

Hi Keefy a very good clone that well done sir ! thanks , Ivan

George B says:

No Greggs here in Northern Ireland, so intrigued to give this a shot. And Keef, if you don’t eat your crusts you won’t be fit and bonny when you grow up, my old mum says.

Kriegy says:

Thanks, Keef!

Dewi -1 says:

Iceland frozen food sell a range of uncooked Greggs products.

Chris The Butcher and Friends says:

Good to see your getting the hang of the Kitchen Magic lol

John Kolesar says:

Brilliant, living here in the Philippines makes me miss some home food. Will get baking this week and thats on the menu. Great video and they do look 100 times better than Greggs. Dont tell Greggs though they might steal you away from us lol.

Ben Moses says:

That’s an impressive bit of reverse engineering!

John Webber says:

Can you do video for crispy oven jacket potatoes please?

Hazel B says:

Yes they look much better than Greggs lol x thing i hate about Greggs is that advertise selling hot food but when you buy it …it’s barely lukewarm….i stopped using them….i asked them to reheat one of their cold pasties once and they refused because they weren’t allowed to do it!!! x

Karen Daley says:

We don’t have Gregg here in Canada, but now we can have their steak bake! Looks like a nice lunch box treat. Always great to see Mrs Keef Cooks too.

Hubert Shitmeyer says:

keefy do you introduce mrs keefcooks in that elaborate way in other social events of life, too?

stamasd says:

Hm. Portable beef Wellington. I could go for that.

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