Steak TENDERIZING EXPERIMENT – What’s the best way to TENDERIZE steaks?

What is the best way to tenderize your steak? On this video I do 3 different methods I know works and a champion is determine! I also used a control steak to see how much difference there is between each steak. One was completely covered with salt, the other with pineapple which I blended on the blender to make a juice out of the pineapple and last using the Jaccard. This was quite surprising.

* Watch TENDERIZE Experiment #2

I cooked it for 10 min at 550°F / 287.7°C (then sear for 1 min each side)

* INGREDIENTS * I used for this steak experiment.
4 New York Strip Steaks
1 pineapple blended
1 cup of rock salt

Seasoned steaks with salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste.

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Frank Sanchez says:

Question: the video doesn’t show it so this is why I am asking this question.
After rinsing off the pineapple, do you dry the steak?
If so, with what and for how long?

Water (moisture) on a steak aren’t good for immediate cooking. I can’t imagine these steaks were rinsed off with water and immediately thrown on the grill.

eyemme ohigho says:

I like the slow mo shots lol

James L says:

pineapple is dangerous. I marinated it once for 20mins. meat disintegrated.

Matt D says:

Yet you only put salt & pineapple juice on one side

Ulterior Motive says:

Great video thanks!!

The Average Joe says:

I bet the pineapple still wins, however I think based on the thickness of the steaks you should have left the salt on a bit longer, maybe 1.5-2 hours

jared Ó Súilleabháin says:

Kiwi fruit does the same thing but as i cheff i dont use any of these methods and just cook it how it should be cooked….real butter chili a LITTLE salt and make sure to put the lid on your pan

Mike T says:

Great idea – great experiment

Hylian Assassin says:

Having done the pineapple I know exactly how that’s gonna turn out lol

ax naabxxxc says:

How can salt make it more tender? Salt just pump the water out, so it becomes tough.

HaHa HELL says:

My uncle and Aunt are both chefs…they cook steaks on the grill that melt in your mouth. I like lime well done. Still melted in my mouth. Trick was…no salt until done and rested and a good quality steak.

rehan saroj says:

u can tenderise more using green papaya , just mash the green papaya and marinate all over the beef , keep it at least 5-6 hourse was it and then smoke it or grill,it will melt like wax

g grace says:

Finish cooking them and they would tastes better

Mordakie says:

strip loins are already tender regardless

Stephen MacKichan says:

In the future, NEVER add more salt to the rock salted steak to season it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a comparison video or what not since the salt was already added into the muscle fibers during the process. Made me cringe just seeing that…. man.

jeremy shaw says:

you should’ve tried using finely chopped onions and honey, that can really soften up meat

Guga Foods says:

Have you see tenderizing experiment 2? Check it out

Repairguy 2 says:

great vid guys thanks .

Ken Shaw says:

Using pineapple to tenderize is WRONG! It turns meat to mush. The same applies to papaya. The proper way to tenderize steak is to salt or to dry age it. depending on how much time you have before you want to cook it and the size of the steak. Considering they were working with an entire beef loin they could have dry aged it, if they had a week or more, or salted it whole if they could wait 3 days or so.

ThePrimeGameProtector says:

Super tinder.

x111 says:

wrong wrong wrong !!
under cooked, very bloody dangerous steaks,
as well as with too much burnt black spots on thee meet !!
I would not eat it !!

wrxsubaru02 says:

That was a lot of salt at the end.

SnappyTertle says:

What if you use salt, pineapple, and Jaccard on it? The ultimate tender steak.

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