Stuffed Rolled Steak – Retro Recipe Review – brutalfoods

Ian tries to make something actually edible on this episode of brutalfoods: History Kitchen!
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This isn’t really a tutorial, since I only kind of know what I’m doing. If you’d like to make this recipe at home, I’d recommend picking up the cook book here:

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OZ does Art says:

I gotta send you this horrifying jello salad recipe I found in one of my grandma’s cookbooks, the picture alone will make you scream.

Raiden says:

Instead of chopping a tomato and a chili up he could have just used some rotel. Lmao.

Kacie Glass says:

Oh the knife techniques are cringe. Use a kitty paw. Curl your fingers pls.

Andy Garcia says:

6:47 he sounds like Rickety Cricket from Always Sunny lol

Ian Corley says:

No i’m Ian…

D. Barton says:

Wor-Chester-Shire… thats what I say.

Yuki Cake says:

Binging with Brutal.

The Legendary Horse Man says:

You can use white wine instead of vinegre

Sunny apartment Room 203 says:

God the sound effects remind me of watching that Bill Nye show.

TheBlockHead says:

This is so funny for no reason

MethamphetaMEMES says:

Medium onion????? That’s a fucking xxxxxxl onion my man

Frogmister says:

dont listen to sea hitler

Nick H says:

To check if meat is done use a meat thermometer.

seth says:

how fuking long is that carrot jesus

The Archdjinni says:

U put water in hot oil. You’re lucky it didn’t blow up

SaltyPeanut says:

Lol I was actually going to buy that camera off eBay, good to know it looks fine.

Laron Dormeuse says:

You should be eggxecuting order egghteight for the eggxtrem lack of eggxposure to eggpuns.

John Wedig says:

I think Ian might be right. I tried to think of a new egg puns, but I think that all ovum have already been made.

HiyaMiya says:

“How do you hardboil an egg?”

oh no

ChesuMori says:

You cut a carrot lengthwise with the full blade, not just the tip. The heel of the blade (the big thick part before the handle) is weighted to make cutting things like thick carrots easier.

edit: I realize how this post must look given my avatar but there’s more to my life than carrots.

MuurPapier says:

Do another

Fat Boy says:

You should scan the recipe and put a link in the description to it if you really like the recipe.

Maxwell Silver says:

you should try 7up salad or hot dr. Pepper

The Boogeyman says:

the editing literally makes me laugh like every 5 seconds

lemgruber says:

if an egg pun hasn’t been made ever before, is it even in existence?

Aiden Remshard says:

The funniest unintentional funny moment was when Ian called a jalapeno a chili

Nightfall Gloam says:

Does look tasty… Too bad I’ve got braces, which, knowing steak, eating this would probably destroy them…

brutalmoose says:

Hey guys, just so you know: I didn’t add that water into a pot of hot oil, it was just kind of a bad edit. I drained everything when I took the pot off the stove and it still gave me a good ol’ spook. Please be careful any time you’re cooking on a stove, because cooking is terrifying.
Also if you’d like to make it at home, here’s where you can get the cook book I used!

TheBigBadForumTroll says:

I see Ian got the beginner sized carrot.

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