Subway Chipotle Steak & Cheese Panini Review

Subway Chipotle Steak & Cheese Panini Review
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Subway (stylized as SUBWAY) is an American fast food restaurant franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches (subs) and salads. It is owned and operated by Doctor’s Associates, Inc. Subway is one of the fastest growing franchises in the world, with 41,827 restaurants in 106 countries and territories as of May 20, 2014. It is the largest single-brand restaurant chain and the largest restaurant operator globally.

Subway’s international headquarters is in Milford, Connecticut; five regional centers support Subway’s international operations. The regional offices for European franchises are located in Amsterdam, Netherlands; the Australia and New Zealand locations are supported from Brisbane, Australia; the Asian locations are supported from offices located in Beirut, Lebanon, and Singapore; and the Latin America support center is in Miami, Florida.

Early history
In 1965, Fred DeLuca borrowed $1,000 from friend Peter Buck to start “Pete’s Super Submarines” in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and in the following year they formed Doctor’s Associates Inc to oversee operations of the restaurants as the franchise expanded. The holding company derives its name from DeLuca’s goal to earn enough from the business to pay tuition for medical school, as well as Buck’s having a doctorate in physics.[8] Doctor’s Associates is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, any medical organization. In 1968, the sandwich shop was renamed “Subway”

Subway’s core product is the submarine sandwich (or “sub”). In addition to these, the chain also sells wraps, salad, and baked goods (including cookies, doughnuts, and muffins). While some menu items vary between countries and markets, Subway’s worldwide signature sub varieties include:
Italian B.M.T.
Roasted Chicken
Subway Club
Meatball Marinara
Subway Melt
Chicken Teriyaki
Steak & Cheese
Veggie Delite


MWYANT19 says:

Ken maybe you could do a poll on your vlog channel, or take suggestions, or have a drawing for a winner to make a recommendation for subway sandwiches, the combinations are endless…

unique says:

Tim horton’s way better and subway stole they’re idea. Ken is too easily impressed. I won’t go out and get it and why would you just get green peppers and onions on a steak when you can so much more fixings?

Livewire T says:

I really really like that shirt Ken!

Project Wyte says:

steak and cheese on white flatbread, cheddar cheese, onion, green peppers, spinach, and jalepenos, with black pepper no condiments or sauces. Heaven.

terri binkley says:

I would totally put tomato’s makes the sandwich jucier.

Curt Danielson says:

Ken, when is the next cook and review?!?!

Nicole Shores says:

Meh, it pricey for what you get, its not very filling

Big Daddy Food Reviews says:

Hey ken, this is Dayton from Big Daddy Food Reviews I was wondering if you would consider doing a team up review together with me. Let me know.

Annik Boyer says:

I am a tomato person.

globlox says:

no no tomato

Alec Hinshaw says:

i love tomatoes

stephen says:

that sand which looks like something you find on the road.

Erased My Giraffe says:

These videos have gotten so boring…

earthworm jim says:

just for you

Brian Lawrance says:

$6.54 is way too much money. Sometimes in Canada, we get coupons to buy them for $3. At that price, it’s a decent value.

Fogarty Avenue says:

Dank vid KEEEP it up!

Alec Hinshaw says:

please bring back ice cream sundays


waste of money 7 bucks for something that takes 5 bites.

Dean Lawton says:

Ken in must of put on about 2 stone since watching your videos haha you make me starving every time i watch hahahaha

OverDoze_ Hacker says:

the only place i put tomatos are on pizza

Thepianobandman says:

You and Paul could make this thicker?

Chris Harvey says:

What happens to cook and review

SiReX Dev says:

The shredded stig

Vacant Vaper says:

no tomatoes on a steak and cheese! mushrooms would’ve been good, and ya gotta go provolone

thebigman hh says:

finally reviewing something people are interested in


Subway has to be the worst fast food in the world .I would not even eat it if it was free horrible food it is all hype

Liam Sheen says:

metal head watching this at 4am with the munchies. curse you ken! haha

Lex The Lion says:

STOP!!!!!! hammertime….

Joe Rod says:

Love you ken and your videos! Me and my wife watch them all the time keep up the great work

ComplexGamer says:

when I order a panini they don’t ask what u want they just put on the stuff

Keaton Castillo says:

Whitey can’t eat chipotle XD Bruh we get it your wife left you. Lose the ring

Henrry 222 says:

3:56 anyone?


I like your new approach on this video, way to go ken! Great content as always! More power!

Samiata says:

LMAO “1am people” more like 4:40am

James Lagnese says:

Provolone dude. Anyway, Subway has the worst bread. Taste like ass bread. Jimmy Johns is a lot better. Of course a good NY deli beats everything.

xLe Loserx 8950 says:

I’m hungry and have no food . why must I do this to myself

Jacob Foster says:

tomatoes for me, but only one certain types

Nijhum Chowdhury says:

Tomatoes are the best

Daw TV Food Reviews says:

Looks great Ken – we just reviewed the Subway BBQ Pulled Pork Sub which has just become available in Australia – Every time I’ve had subway it leaves few complaints if any at all!!

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