SUBWAY Signature Chipotle Southwest Steak & Cheese – -Food Review #278



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DriFT_Reloadz says:

When are the bowling reviews coming

Freddie Foodie King says:

Youre a little nasal. Cold?

ShadowKat says:

subway wraps have been here for ages

sirmo99 says:

yay! the smash brothers shirt is back.

amadorabl says:

I thought it was hilarious you didn’t like the steak or cheese on the burrito… Its like the most important part aside from their new tortilla flavors. Very smart, marketing plan on their part. They only had to get tortillas.

Lucasadi says:

Double the meat compared to a 6 inch sub according to their website:

Supermonkey 1964 says:

Try the Baja Chicken Wrap from Jersey Mike. 🙂

Jason Mueck says:

I am not a Subway fan back when I did like it always got the Spicy Italian with bake lay chip but after a while it just keep going downhill and notice nothing in Subway is fresh all the stuff is just turning brown color I was done also my brother went in one time and said is that roast beef lady said no it chicken the meat was really dark never went back since and if you notice the Subway commercial they no longer say it fresh and that funny because it never was or is fresh they lied for so long I rather goto Blimpe I think it called or Quizno but never Subway again.

walter a heller says:

1st to thumbs up!

biobele william-west says:

Dont f******* with subway

Sunny He says:

this is lit

Jonathan Vazquez says:

Notice me daddy

Danny Tyrrell says:

Suggestion: have you thought about doing more desert reviews like ice creams etc there’s not alot of them on YouTube an it would be interesting to watch them.

Guillaume Creteau says:

My Sammie can never be too spicy, bro! I had to chuckle when you mentioned the 800 calories. While I admire your discipline and your concern for your health, you need not worry all that much about calories my young, slim friend. As a matter of fact if my NC grandma were alive, she’d pinch your cheeks and tell you to eat a porkchop. And then she’d probably cook one up for you.

Elizabeth Rickard says:

I’m a big fan of wraps but don’t visit Subway too often. This just might get me back in to check out. Thanks Connor 🙂

IAM IAM says:

I️ really admire you

Supermonkey 1964 says:

I’ll probably try the same warp you just did but ask them for Pepperjack Cheese & to leave off the Guac. Maybe extra Mayo? 🙂

Tina Frazier says:

Yeah Subway’s formula for toppings is 6 (picked, jalapeños, tomatoes etc.) in a foot long or three in a six inch. The crazy thing is that technically includes olives. No one, I repeat NO ONE just ever wants six black olives on a sub, but some managers are just ADAMANT that you put no more than six olives (I can not stress this enough) and you must charge extra for anything else?!?!?!?!

Tina Frazier says:


TravTries! says:

This looks so freakin good.

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