Subway’s Chipotle Southwest Steak & Cheese Signature Wrap Food Review | Season 5, Episode 37

Subway’s new Signature Wraps have us intrigued. So give us one with steak. And cheese. And spice. Please, thanks.



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Ry.the.Stunner says:

I’ve always thought you guys deserve more subscribers. But let’s put this into perspective:

Daym Drops: 890,000 subscribers — 24 Patreons
Ken Domik: 387,000 subscribers — 60 Patreons
Number Six With Cheese: 12,000 subscribers — 163 Patreons

You guys are doing pretty well. People are actually investing in your content.

Jennifer Beaty says:


Amanda Evans says:

Damn those actually looked decent. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s video!!

Chels C says:

“God damn it did you just make fun of trump I’m done with you guys” how I imagine like five idiots will feel lol

Dr. Mike says:

Moab is a cool place

Nikko Gomez says:

First bitch I’m always good!!!

Zk 10 says:

Haha I died with the Lil John references

Jacob McNutt says:

My son calls iceberg lettuce “crunchy water”. Subway’s wraps are pretty good, as is their guac surprisingly.

Skitz says:

I can’t wait until your channel blows up so you guys can travel all over the world that would b sick

Steve Jones says:

the six inch is a good size

Mike Koko says:

Man I love seeing how far you guys have come!! Keep up the insane work!

Brandon Pitcher says:

Those wraps look like giant egg rolls.

dbtwothree says:


SWGOH Account says:

I go to subway like once a year…..wonder how many people feel like we would all be best friends in real life from watching all of these……#6WC meet up this summer!!!!! (Cuz u know…..warmth) would be dope

George Martinez says:

Where da fak are gingers from bruh?

Will G says:

Kuma’s is bae. So good!

FitAngie says:

Oh wow that looks wonderful, Australia’s subway doesn’t have anything like that, they even took away the flatbreads which I loved.

Merc With A Tardis says:

I had thos a little while ago and my sandwich artist must’ve not put double meat…. Because mine was small as shit. Plus 7 dollars? Idk, I’d rather Chipotle because it’s fresh and you get twice as much

Will G says:

Been a steak n cheese with chipotle sauce fan for a while. Like Subway cuz it’s easy to count calories when dieting and it’s pretty tasty for what you get at a good price point. Not to mention they always have deals on the app and mobile texts. Nice job boys

The Olympians says:

I’ve actually had this before and it’s pretty good

Super Extra Medium says:

This is the future that liberals want

S Glenn says:

Hey Cory are you related to Moritz Wagner, #13 plays on Michigan’s men’s b-ball team?


Was gonna watch an episode of simpsons with my lunch… but then I got this notification

Nolan Adams says:

Been wanting to try that wrap, but always worried since its “Subway” eh…. But YO! Those hot sauces, LEEEEGIT, they’re out here at Chronic Tacos, they’re my faaaaaaaaaaavs. They need to be enjoyed with some good meats, not those deep fried “wings”. Some good Carne Asada, or Al Pastor, thats where you get the BEST enjoyment. Keep it up as always!

Chris Gauris, Sr says:

Thanks Guy’s!

Reece Petersen says:

Are you first if your not the first comment? Great vid guys! You’re awesome! Also is there Twin Bings in Chicago? If not I’ll send you some. One of my favorites

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