Taco Bell $5 Steak Nacho Box (Reed Reviews)

Taco Bell $5 Steak Nacho Box Review

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Freddie's Food Reviews says:

Just by the sound of alexas voice i can tell shes hawt

Mario Garcia says:

Yay another Super Official Review

Diana Dunlap says:

You’re right. Taco Bell is heaven on earth. If I die I’d like to go there.

hdezines says:

Reed, when did the awful thing with your wife go down? I recall watching your reviews and then I come back and your getting triggered by all your food. Which I feel bad, yet it’s quite entertaining & something I look forward to now, just curious. And did you use to do “super official food review” before it all happened or are you just doing it to make fun of Daym Drops because he’s a big black brotha that reminds you of Malcolm? So many questions!

ben melnick says:

Reed can you review some spotted dick?


Man what would America do without Taco Bell

Josh Sparr says:

Reed why don’t you have a girlfriend???

2Elevo says:

If you ever cut your grass and found a car, YOU just might be a redneck!!!

Blake Wurm says:


Cassie Oh says:

Ooooe this sure isnt G rated.

Michael Nelson says:

Can you review the Hot Chicken Sandwich at Hardee’s

Joe M says:

5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️!!!!!

B Minett says:

I have to try this one, I got the nachos bell grande with carne asada and they put a good amount of steak on those. If I remember correctly it was somewhere around 5 dollars California price.

Michael - says:

and Alexa is fucking retarded lol

Austin Hinkle says:

Taco hell

MaskedHEROPhantom says:

Iconic box!!!!!!!!!

GreatBeyond74 says:

That does it somebody call border control control. Reed has to be mexican


Taco bell, probably the absolute best processed Mexican food you will ever eat

CJ Cutter says:


Mario Garcia says:

Taco Bell is Awesome like Reed

Social-Nationalist Meme Network says:

I had this. The flavor is okay but you get lots of food for the money. This was 2 meals for me.

Noah Casey says:

Review death by chocolate ice-cream and you should get a taco bell t shirt

AlienRope says:


hdezines says:

Same thing for me! Just Taco Bell & Mcdonalds. Well I crave Del Taco too! Their crunchy tacos because they fill them to the brim with homemade tasting toppings. Sadly, it’s like 25 mins away from my house, but probably a good thing honestly 😉 I’m surely going to have to try this now!

Ty Ty says:


A N says:

There’s a new flavor of Oreo called chocolate peanut butter pie. Check it out.

10items orless says:

Malcolm in the middle

Michael Nelson says:

Those nachos are 5 Stars!!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

twitchster77 says:

I’mma go full suicide on these today…

*$5 NACHOS:*
-Pico De Galo
+Seasoned Beef
+Seasoned Rice
+Extra Nacho Cheese
+Creamy Jalapeno Sauce
+Chipotle Sauce
+Red Sauce
+10-12 Packets Of Diablo Taco Sauce

Yeah…I’mma die!

Roland Telle says:

Try pickle slush from sonic

Monster Energy Mike says:

Hershey’s Layer Crunch review or Hershey’s Gold Caramelized Peanuts Bar

Yis Medina says:

Review hot mexican candy!

Joe M says:

It’s pronounced “tastes” not “taste-is”.

Anthony Muellwr says:

The super official was also from daymdrops

Kofi Benton says:

WHat the what?!

Mick Jagger says:

Love the Alexa addition to the reviews Reed.

Cody Hunter says:

Reed Is it true that you’re a Hardcore gang bangin OG gansta thug?

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