Taco Bell Flatbreads BOTH Steak and Chicken Review!

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► Information: Many of you asked for me to slide to Taco Bell and beat up their new Flatbread Steak & Chicken joints and so that is exactly what I did…..for an extra bonus, I added their New Crush Freeze into the review as well.

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They’re 1.89 in New Jersey :/

Hilton Vlogs says:

You beard will never be as good as James Hardens!

Derry Johnson III says:

that chicken one is amazing

Jason Otey says:

10 minutes in Daym is proper. So proper. 100p

kyle prichard says:

Where da beef

Dorian Arcia says:

9:04. Buahdatorangbuahdatorangedatorangbuahoohdatorangbuahooh..

ShinobiTreecko8 says:

You can really taste the vanilla ice cream in the slushie. That alone gets a FIVE ALL DAY from me

My Full Figured Life says:

Yes big papa. Stumbled across your channel and am now subscribed!

Henry Archer says:

he not reviewing the product he is reviewing the service ..tacobell did not cheat u out of steak ..the guy on the tacoline who struggling to pay rent did

Mad Villain says:

That Crush soda is official

Matt Mohs Outdoors says:

New apparel is dank as hell

Stephen Morris says:

I tried the Flatbread chicken it was sad. Not much chicken in my flatbread

Eric Alan says:

Taco Bell once again re-arranging the same damn ingredients and calling it something new. That’s like the Gordita bread with the chicken quesadilla innards. Simple

Cory Soto says:

taco cabana is a better texas version of taco bell

Steve Sheehan says:

Hittin’ that SUPER official LIKE button..

RaReKid 25 says:

Taco Bell

Kyle Ranard says:

they don’t put any steak in those flatbreads. I wasnt impressed either.

Brian C says:

subbed cuz this video. great reviews!

Martin Garcia says:

SpongeBob reference at 9:11? Lol

RBRmusic says:

HAHA playing the stereotypical black guy to attract white 14 year olds

Tyson Tollstrup says:

Damn those things are good

c whipple says:

I absolutely love your videos Daym Drops. Awesomeness!

tacoofdeath says:

i see a few outsiders have entered the comment section hatin amd shit.. do you daym i appreciate your entrepreneurial ambitions although i wont be buying the band or the hat i respect your efforts to strengthen your brand (ps. dont do anymore videos with internet thots not a good look lol)

Nicky Nick says:

I thought you quit the reviews daym, I hope your back

Rod Cooper says:

That crush is pretty good

HahahaVille says:

So, its been awhile since I’ve dropped by the Daym neighborhood B…and what do I see, but this dude straight up pedal’n me some merch…come’n dude! I guess he’s miss’n them checks he was gett’n before he bailed on his FF reviews and hopes he can generrate some revenue on the backside tip…I’ve also noticed(on another vid) he wants $1.00 donations for his new “cooking show” …looks like we gonna haft to part ways B…good luck in your endeavors.peace out!

RaReKid 25 says:

Try the beefy buruto

TheGoldenAge says:

the sauce on this is the Chipotle sauce, not the creamy jalapeno that’s in the quesadillas so I get them to swap the sauce and it turns into a cheaper chicken quesadilla

youtubeaccount says:

i got these the other day they are off the chain for 1 fiddy. I love their flatbread it tastes sooooo good for my money the best tasting thing on their menu is the cheezy gordita crunch only it’s too expensive to buy so this is a good alternative

Russo Italiano says:

Damn, scared me when he crinkled up the first wrapper so suddenly lmfao

Anna Hernandez says:

That crush slushy is bomb!

Darth Vix says:

Lowkey imma go get me some

Sixtus says:

The name drop though!
My memory good, but not like that.

LostMind says:

Spicy thousand island sauce? Damn… that is my jam. Shame we don’t have Taco Bell over here in Australia (at least in my state). 🙁
Sounds simply amazing.


4:00 LOL Daym Thought He Was Gonna Get Come Pull Back Action From That Cheese Thats Y He Was Doing It Slow

jdm lifestyle315 says:

You look like you just woke up lol

Lee Bennett says:

Love you Daym, you are the boy!


U Sound Like U Do In All Your Other Videos So Basically U Be Loud Anyway Lol

Stonemansteve II says:

All great channels!!!

Blaka Fandoms says:

I LIVEE FOR TACO BELL. But I agree, the chicken did have more chicken than the steak had steak. They tasted delicious both of em. But bring it harder with that steak game next time tbell

Mega Ballistic says:

Anybody else watch the whole John Cena commercial :l

Michael Crouch says:

Taco Bell always tells us steak so expensive

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