Taco Bell Steak Rattlesnake Fries Burrito Review

Taco Bell has released their Steak Rattlesnake Fries Burrito, featuring Jalapenos, Steak, Nacho Fries and Nacho Cheese. How good is it? I let you know in today’s review!

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111455 says:

burrito could almost fill the gap between his eyes

You're Welcome says:

Squirrel action

Jay Homes says:

No jalapenos? This review is void.

jason callan says:

That’s how I make my phone calls too. 🙂

Richard Apt says:

dude, you fricken had me, rattlesnake meat, lol.

Khalil says:

Brah, you should revisit their breakfast! The Bacon AM Crunchwrap is my favorite breakfast item ever

Erwin925 says:

The steak was kinda crappy in this

albert wysocki says:

Reminds me of weinerschnitzels chili fries burrito

Luis Hernandez says:

Had the burrito on Sunday and did like it

EvenFlow406 says:

Where were you when Review Brah debuted his classic rattle snake bit?

Tallmf says:

I love you man, no homo tho

PutinKills says:

Jackson Browne wants his dads tie back

why why says:

Could you make a video about all your suits? I would really appreciate it if you can.

Carlen Sizemore says:

How are you not fat?

Adam Parker says:

Rattlesnake, rattles me

U ugly Bast says:

First time being here and i love this channel

Joseph says:

Never ever travel to Oklahoma! It’s literally the worst state in the USA. There is absolutely nothing to do there. NOTHING!

Brando Nikle says:

Rattlesnake burrito “it’s in the bite”

F We says:

Why do you dress like that?

Carmen Spievak says:

Too much nacho cheese sauce? No such thing. Taco Bell nacho cheese is the best!!

Gary Hoffman says:

cut your nails!!!

Warriors and Stranger Things Are Bae says:

Why is Sheldon a food critic? Damn Big Bang Theory really didn’t make that profit huh?

Brice Marchant says:

They stole this from King Burrito!!! #horseshit!

T Bone says:

What did u spit out in the napkin ?

Alexander26173 says:

When I got the fries they told me they have no jalapeños but I got it anyways it was really good but not worth 3$ especially without jalapeños

Lynn Demma says:

Please cut your nails

Jeremy Heyman says:

Just tried one of these and they are really good I would highly recommend them!

ThatOneWeirdChannel says:

i seen taco bell rattle snack on my Facebook feed i was like lol b.s. lies. then looked at my YouTube and seen a video from you with taco bell rattlesnake. it’s real. your more real then the news and anything,

balzac308 says:

I’d buy this guy kid’s meal, and the prize inside would be a set of much needed nail clippers!

Cryptic Icey says:

More like rattlesteaks

MazdaChief says:

Did anyone else salivate @ 5:38?

GirlsDigMyTube says:

I love the duck egg blue wallpaint to contrast the suit and outdoor area.

Isaiah Standley says:

Get him on hot ones

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

Make sure you check out my newest Podcast – I cover some interesting current events and some more lighthearted topics too. Listen on YouTube https://youtu.be/_Y-25CYR8Hk or on Spotify https://spoti.fi/2BsmWlg or even iTunes at https://apple.co/2WVs5er

Scott S says:

Such a tool

Spoxy Gaming says:

Instead of showing your bit food you should cut it in half love your videos though

Miguel Nava says:

Bro you fr couldn’t swollow that little piece of tortilla on the second bite

Fabiola Aponte says:

you are glowing in this review, john! the chirping birds in the background really add to it

ty279 says:


Shiban says:

brah can you marry me?

laughsquad007 go fuck yourself youtube says:

Shoulda called it the rattlesteak fries burrito

Phoenixspin says:

It really is snake meat in there, not steak. Meat is meat.

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