Taco Bell Steak Rattlesnake Fries Food Review Mukbang

WHO HAD THESE Steak Rattlesnake Fries at Taco Bell? Hit me up in the comments and tell me about YOUR experience!!!



KYGaming says:

Day hit up the Italian cheese bread from little cease

Jeremiah Morris says:

When I saw you posted this it brought a huge smile to my face! The first video I watched of yours was the first nacho fry review. God bless Man! Glad to see your back at it brother!

neck short says:

Do ASMR daym

Fit2BKing says:

He’s Back

Hunter Stevenson says:

You freaking did it this time I need this in my life

SLI-Enthusiast says:

Do you sucks dicks!

Norm Spruill says:

You have way too much focus on them lips….I like most of your vids but I’m not a fan of your lips…no pun intended

Only G 99 says:

I feel gay

HighKing 9000 says:

All the lil white girls in my school wore north face lol get u some Ralph Lauren

Marcus Jackson says:

You need new fans you was going through an emotional wreck and they got mad because of no food reviews instead of just showing support

ms.justice KITCHEN says:


HighKing 9000 says:

I was excited for this. But I didn’t really care for them. Or the rattlesnake burrito

The Jalapeños tasted like dirt.

Sunnah Aroma says:

Just keep doing it the way you were before, watching chewed up food in your mouth just spoiled my breakfast appetite.

Mr. Sno says:

A break from “Trapped in the Struggle” ?

Chris Garcia says:

This channel still dead? Yuuuup.
19k views and 930k subs? Lmaooo

neck short says:

Y’all need to chill..all I see is y’all don’t like what he’s doing..his mouth is closed while chewing..so let him review it

Allin Mota says:

Sold, I’m getting these my next day off.


This new pov is funny do ya thang daym

Synchronicity says:

Add fire sauce also is better

teamtaylorswift says:


Wesley Laureano says:


James Hannon says:

Bit too close to yo mouth too much Hmmmm in the microphone I had to SWITCH!!!!

Eric Shaw says:

Can do home home run inn frozen pizza culvers raising canes and portillos

James Gajewski says:

Yes .!!ty Daym for going back to the real videos ty!!

Anthony Leftwich says:

Just add more crisp too the fries that’s like eating the regular nacho fries at taco bell

Se7enLocke says:

I’ll re subscribe when you get back to doing you

tunaXonXtoast says:

I lasted 2 mins with this one. The up close shot of all the chewed up shit in his mouth drove me nuts!

Bwayne180 says:

Bro please keep the normal camera view just a little to up close and personal.

JahtomiQ TV says:

Would be good if they gave a sauce packet to drizzle on the dry fries yourself.

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