This Is the Most Expensive Steak in New York City — The Meat Show

Old Homestead in Manhattan’s Meatpacking district is serving up Japanese Wagyu steaks, which are typically sliced thin, in huge slabs. Join host Nick Solares as he determines whether or not the obscene price tag is worth it.

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ceaser williams says:

that shyt aint done

jeremimi says:

It looks like all fat

Oboys Gay says:

What a profoundly funky and concussive episode, this series may have reached a new crescendo

Corb4n says:

if you don’t finish this peace of heaven, i’ll hunt you in your dreams

Daniel Rasmussen says:

1:55 I cant figure out if he is proud or ashamed by the way they consume.

Sho Yamada says:

This guy makes everything pretentious. From a japanese person

Gary Lin says:

so gooood

The 23rd Horse says:

Wagyu is so dam over rated. Its way to fatty and sicking plus you don’t get a decent percentage of protien because its mostly marbling. Give a me t-bone or rib eye any day of the week.

hong lee says:

i worked in a high end steak seafood icon ..when he says he will only let people get it meduim rare , i wonder if he stands by that. i know that rules like that only apply to certain people .

Mista J says:

He looks like an old Pete Wentz

Diego Rojas says:

CALL THE channel hater since its lead by nick solares, a white supremacist!

goguhu says:

Wagyu is extremely overpriced in US, because people don’t know what they have to pay for it … you can get A-5 for less than $100/lb, and that piece was most likely 8oz or there about … so 50-75 ofr meat sell for 350 … $300 markup, vs regular beef at $10/lb, with a $30 markup …

Hanzhou Shi says:

this is how a piece of wagyu beef is wasted. only mediocre chef does that when cooking wagyu beef

that one cancerboy says:

what kind of wagyu is this? kobe is a type of wagyu so saying its wagyu is very vague. it might be matsusaka but im not sure.

Zi Du says:

i just dont like this guy

Dan Van Hoose says:

Sounds Lima an auctioneer.

curlyfm says:

When’s the new series?

Tifosi_Loria says:

I always appreciate a short vid, straight to the point

Adnan Cusic says:

After you pick your teeth you throw away like 30$ of meat

123 four says:

How would those vegetables enhance the beef at all…? Looks like a terrible dish

Protohumans says:

disgusting i say and i LOVE STEAK

SaintRS says:

Eww no thanks, i see a bit of meat in my steak…

Mero Mero says:

its not even the best grade beef… how is this the most expensive ?

shimada no Katana genkei Genji says:

man white people sure are a bunch of nasty asses….eating raw meat disgusting.

Taíno Escobar says:

Don’t care how good that steak is. I’ll never pay $350 for that small piece. For that I’ll buy the cow.

Alin Staicu says:

Kobe beef A5 steak is served the same way in japan…

Mrauksia says:

1:46 Yh, in America food is 5x more.

Bub Hinson says:

U have my dream job lmao

Armando van Haaren says:

If that cost 350 bucks then stop talking and start eating .bon appetite

SRB NS says:

Luckily its not made in usa so id pay to try it

Jesse Campbell says:

At some point these places are just going to start serving chunks of fried fat, because that’s almost what Japanese steak is….

smashbro5 says:

Even when raw that meat looks good enough to eat. I can’t imagine what it must taste like cooked!

mysecondchannelable says:

cut the steak from the center genius

10,000 subs without any video says:

Wtf are You Guy’s vampiers

probably atworkqq says:

Could you imagine if this guy was a bodybuilder, getting to eat this type of protein. I would train like a monster.

Dayton Tran says:

Where’s Kobe -beef-… wait that’s -beef- not STEAK?

ReVibe says:

damn… you talk too much. just eat the damn thing

Leah Laushway says:

That’s $350? I’d pay that at least once.

Reach says:

damn my mouth waters already. Watching this while my fridge is empty gg

Andreas Johnsson says:

Only $350? That is much cheaper than I expected it to be

Tango Whisky says:

That’s an interessting accent, american but with sprinkle of british pronunciation here and there…

Tzadeck says:

Eh, I live in Kyoto and twenty minutes ago in my supermarket they had an Omi-gyu (wagyu steak from Shiga prefecture) steak for $20 that looks as good if not better than this. Importing stuff doesn’t cost THAT much.

Herson Cruz says:

That’s for people who have money not everyone has it

WeAreOne IAmAll says:

that looks like fake meat

Ruben says:

Took me a while to find a place that will do a steak like this. Especially in California always comes thinly​ sliced.

Spenser Deardorff says:

That looks terrible to be honest.

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