Tim Hortons Grilled Steak & Cheese Panini Review

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I finally had the chance to try the Tim Hortons Grilled and Steak Panini and it was awesome, I will definitely have another one someday soon.

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polo bubble vest says:

way too expensive for what u get

kathy janzen says:

It comes with a black pepper mayo sauce but we also have the choice of chipotle sauce avail on our menu I prefer that one it’s so delishous !

ifeelit says:

I love these , what I prefer to get at Tim’s when I go there

TenzoG says:

not really good the cheese is like singles cheese like when you melt it  its taste are like artificial

hayturr says:

I actually hated this. The sauce ruined it for me

Dylan Jennings says:

Thats a toastie not a panini

Stu W. says:

in the US it’s 5.99

sweetbrandigirl says:

That sandwich is an insult to the word panini. It has zero crunch and the grill marks are as fake as that sandwich being called a panini.

Martina Lola fraser says:

odd you get white cheese we get orange Cheeder

Maribel Bustamante says:

Comes with black pepper mustard mayo sauce. It’s delicious (:

Azurus says:

I was looking around for reviews on this sandwhich but I guess I’m the only one who hates the sauce, the aftertaste is like the smell of paint thinner and makes me gag, so I always have to order this with no sauce. I didn’t even know chipotle was an option so I could try that, but just the cheese steak and onions is good on its own right.

Abby Wilkes says:

I’ve worked at Timmies for 2years, we use black pepper mayo as the sauce 🙂

Tiffany Leung says:

Do Tim Hortons chips!plz

TokeMcGoats says:

did this guy get a milk with a steak??? dafaq

lisa N michael fleming says:

we moving to canada next year cannot wait to try some of these take outs. x

silverstacker650 says:

looks good.

Majid Joseph says:

black pepper mayo

gotbass21 says:

You get a lot more bread than steak.. It’s frozen then heated

Dr. Wayne Manzo says:

Tim Hortons started by a Canook Ockey player and then grew bigger then Mickey Dees then BurgerWorld buys the whole thing for 11 Billion? Now, when you ask for Mayo at Tim Hortons the Sandy-Witch maker wanks on your burger! Ha Ha Ha!

DekingRenegade says:

Steak, mozz. cheese, red onions, and black pepper mayo

ChaniGang says:

What I say every night to your dad

ozzymandistwenty14 says:

Sir Wilford on $5. Sir John on the $10. BTW the sandwich is Stauffer’s. frozen.

Fabio1349 says:

aaaaaaanyway, panini is plural, panino is singular :3

tatyana ragy says:

it is on a white bun
it has mozzarella cheese red onions steak and pepper mayo sauce

KriegsMaschine says:

I was going to say….I studied Beethoven for a while and that does not look like him at all…

Must be a Canadian joke that went right over my head. My apologies Canada

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