Trader Joe’s Steak & Ale Pies Review

This is a taste test/review of Trader Joe’s Steak & Ale Pies. They are “buttery pastry filled with tender beef chunks, savory beef and Ale gravy, gold potatoes, carrots, porcini mushrooms and herbs all baked to a golden brown”. There are two pies in each box. Each pie is 670 calories.
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nandos112 says:

that pies looks really good

discotee says:

Trader Joe’s just came out with an steak & stout flavor one to replace the ale

KroMcLovinFaSho says:

This is your quintessential British pub meal, preferably eaten when you’ve got a beer or two in you (that way your taste buds will calibrate to the taste of the ale gravy). I recommend whipping this up with some mashed potatoes, peas, and extra gravy to pour over everything. Better yet, make your own pie, it’s easy to make and will probably taste better than a frozen one!

Mr. Every Color says:

I love these things and used to get them every time I shopped there. For some reason the one by me doesn’t carry them anymore though 🙁

Eric Weirath says:

Something like that would be yummy as a Christmas day treat. But with the fat being 41 grams and the saturated being more than a daily recommended at 24 grams!! I think I’ll have to skip that. That’s outrageously high for just one pie. Great review though, still made me hungry

discotee says:

Are these still in stores? I haven’t seen them at my local Trader Joe’s

Nick Cicci says:

Tried the new Steak and Stout pie today. Loved it, only thing it needed was liberal fresh ground pepper.

sirdarklust says:

I love these things. The quality of the ingredients is top notch. The gravy is great by me, but I am an ale aficionado.

jenn jeffs says:

been watching your old videos, this sounds funny but your voice is really nice, calm and soothing lol i can sit here at night and just watch ur food reviews and it relaxes me keep up the good work! 🙂

Lunchtime Review says:

@Paul Avery I agree except for Marie Callender’s pot pies. They are very good too if you have never tried them.

Teesh says:

Just eat Marie Calendar ‘s beef pot pie. It’s excellent!

Paul Avery says:

Excellent and authentic version that will please most expats.  Far superior to US supermarket factory made pot pies.

Pal says:

The picture of it is pretty accurate and looks really good. Would totally try it if it didn’t have mushrooms. Keep up the reviews!

paul yoda says:

Great Review I will have to skip it due to the amount of Saturated Fat and Calories lol.Next time at Trader Joes you should try their Chicken Parmesan in the Refrigerated Meal section and their Joes Dark Coffe Beans are the best if you like Dark Coffee Have a great Holiday!

fred garvin says:

I just tried one of these and I totally disagree with all of you. for one 670 calories is nothing. ok it’s not super low but 670 for dinner is nothing, You do realize that one single slice of pizza has 300 calories but if it’s loaded with sausage and other meats and tons of cheese probably has 500 far as the sat fat in this steak and ale pie, most of that is in the crust, and I noticed that these have a super fat bottom crust which was difficult to even cut through,you can see it in the picture, and you don’t even need to eat it at all.I can’t even eat it all, and wouldn’t want to eat all the crust. just eat the good stuff inside and maybe a little of the top crust, and guess what? you probably cut off 20 or more of the grams of fat and 200 of the calories. Most of the fat and calories are in the crust, duh, just don’t eat it all. there is plenty of the beef and potatoes in it to fill you up anyway.  Plus, I loved the ale taste, it wasn’t strong and it gave it a different flavor than your usual boring pot pies. But that’s a matter of taste and I could see why people might not like it.
You said you liked regular beef gravy pot pies better but gravy has a huge amount of fat and calories in it, yet you said you didn’t like the fact this had a whopping 670 calories and a lot of fat in it. regular pot pies half this size routinely have like 50 grams of fat in them, including trader joe’s ones.
 I’ve been to england and had their great pub food and if this was served to me there, I’d swear it was fresh made in the kitchen. it tastes fresh and has big chunks of veggies and beef in it. The pastry crust is outstanding.I’ve tried most everything trader joes offers, and sometimes these type of things are a bust, they just aren’t good, but this one is a definite winner.
and no I don’t work for or have any affiliation with trade joe’s.

TheDmonet says:

Matter of taste I guess, but these are so far superior to any of the Marie Calendars or any other standard US store brand.  That “off” taste is what I’d call “good”.   I’ve only had these once but can’t wait to get them again. As for the anti-saturated fat stuff in other’s 2016…not 1992.  Do a bit more recent reading on heart disease.  The unhealthy things in these pies are the bread and potatoes, not the fat. If you’ve had a beef pie in England this is much more authentic than anything else you can get here. I hope Trader Joes keeps making them.

Google User says:

I just tried it and agree with you guys 100% about the “odd” taste. I couldn’t put my finger on it – I thought maybe it was the rosemary. I will try the shepherd’s pie next trip to TJ’s. 

Lunchtime Review says:

@Google User It may very well have been the rosemary.

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