Trump Grill Taste Test • The Try Guys

“If you give people bad food, then you shouldn’t be running the restaurant.”

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Created by

“Trump Grill Could Be The Worst Restaurant In America” by Tina Nguyen / Vanity Fair

The Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States


Edein naw says:

3:55 I wish I knew Keith

Daniah Adams says:

Does the person who said the “Miss steak” joke knows that all cows are girls so there was no need for girl cow

Chompondatkos young says:

Every cow is a miss steak

SpencerdrewC says:

You politicised a meal.

Nice /clap

harley and her aesthetic says:

Ned is just falling apart

adam hammami says:

Biased motherfuckers . classic libtards

Sultan Almendahah says:

What’s funny is at 6:43 when he said that Trump is great at making deals and the facade, facade same pronunciation in Arabic means corruption.

K Tube says:

1:05 Zach’s reaction

mía mínt says:

gordan ramsey would hate those food

JimmyNoTonsils says:

4:42 why pay that much when you could cook it for cheaper?

Orianna Erikson says:

I love Ned.

Debojyoti Ganguly says:

Why you hate him

FailGamerGirl says:

“I like Rosé I also like any alcohol” if this isn’t me I don’t know what is.

Johnny- Roblox & More says:

Wait then if Donald hates Mexico and he love Hispanic people then why he’s like that….

Diapason Dlvg says:

I’d love to knock all these soyboys out with one hit to the jaw. Their testosterone levels are so low you know they’ll get knocked out in one hit and won’t try to fight when they get back up. 🙂

Fedarative union of Norway says:

Even i could do better and i am a fake country

Josie Daigle says:

really feelin the ned mood right now… i hate this country

TheIronTemplar says:

Ned pour that glass out for someone that deserves it. Hillary don’t need it and Trump definitely needs to update his wine collection (Good on him for decreasing the tax on the working class tho)

Alex MacArthur says:

Does anyone notice how the opening song in this video is “I Wish I was in Dixieland,” the confederate national anthem of the civil war?

isadora urzeda says:

New York was America’s capital in 1780

Ceiferiro - says:


DeVine Noodle says:

This video is amazing

Insitefull 23 says:


ChipFox Edits says:


Laura Brown says:

Ned has gone crazy I feel bad

Didi says:

3:01 All Hamilton fans

Emma Lewis says:

Eugene though: “I like rosê. I also like any alcohol.” (Sorry if I misspelled rosê.)

Youtube Official says:

I dont really support trump but man is he the funniest guy on earth

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