Trying Out A DOLLAR STORE STEAK And Getting Sick From It…Yes a $1 Steak


Rhiannon says:

I don’t trust meat or goods that can spoil fast at the dollar store. I once bought microwave bacon there and had horrid food poisoning

Titoyogo o says:

We all know that the dollar store stake is nothing but shit

Maysen Paxton says:

when yous dramatic af

Jacob Summer says:

It’s like Korean bbq in a bag

gotwoh3ll says:

Even for a buck I don’t think it’s 1/7th the weight of the real one

cammy bear says:

my family and i say “the squirts” too LMAO

marsi says:

its disgusting the fact that the animal was slaughtered to end up like that. The least you could do is cut a decent steak wtf.

Kitty Harvey says:

maybe cat, dog, horse?

ZestySauze says:

That shit look more like bacon than steak

Michael Moore says:

Oh bro…………………….

ukickmeikicku says:

not even worth a dollar! you should have got paid for disposing of that pack for them. the fact they are even selling this shit is a slap to the face… This would appeal to people who are poor af… so the dollar store is ripping of starving poor people. we haven’t come very far wow

Inbread Fred says:


Demetrius Blackwell says:

Any foods that’s cheap has POISON in it designed to killed poor and middle class people

George Haughn says:

Love steaks

Butterflyknifeflipper says:

do you live in new jersey?

1000 Subs Without Video Challenge says:

Cheap fat ass

Phukk Offski says:

I subscribe because he’s putting his ass on the line of us, literally.

Dawn Campbell says:

I live on the east coast ,ply ma area (where the pilgrims landed ?) AND PAID 7 OR 8 FOR THE BIGGER RIB EYE STEAK ,WHERE I LIVE IT WOULD COST $15 BUCKS AT LEAST YOU’RE LUCKY

Custom Kush says:

Looks like a placenta steak lmfao

Mike Rae says:

OR maybe your grill is fucking nasty with rancid fat covering the insides and you ate a plate of meat for lunch. Probably beer shits from the day before too

Kitty Harvey says:

if I can’t find out what country it’s from I don’t buy


if the dollar tree steak was bad, that’s a lot of cross contanamtion XD 3:10

Blues Feldberg says:

He says “The steaks were pretty damn grey, it looks like they were pre-cooked”

That’s because they are pre-cooked, it says it on the advertisement in the beginning

Dead Inside says:

i have more meat as a baby than that 1$ piece of shit thats laced with aids

Alexis Torres says:

That rare steak looks so damn good haha now Im hungry

Bet My Name Spooked You says:

You get what you pay for :/

Auricale says:

you probably got sick from not cooking the $7 steak properly, like the thing you ate was VERY rare.

Dinamus says:

Looks like aids

kelena says:

Busted up when you showed it on the grill haha

Anim Dub says:

Man, how could this shit can be selled ?


I would just get a nice 30$ stake

ZestySauze says:


martz hoffman says:

I would have cooked that all the way through its no way I would eat a 1 dollar steak that was still red in the middle.

Jesses Jesses says:

i actually just vomited

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