What The Most Expensive Steak On Earth Tastes Like

This week on The Meat Show, professional carnivore Nick Solares visits Mu Ramen in Long Island City, to eat a steak that has been dry-aged for 400 days. Watch to see if chef Joshua Smookler’s funky, fatty experiment pays off as Solares samples it sous vide, over sushi rice, and even raw.

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atomicbrain9401 says:

Dry-aged waifu

Abdulle Abdullahi says:

Sounds crazy

Mohammad Khalifa says:

Nikumi approves

bb77077 says:

Hipsters can make anything disgusting.

CR2504life says:


Fluffy Earl says:

$1000 steak?, Good God, that’s like 4 months worth of my salary.

Jason May says:

Its 99% fat. Where’s the beef?


it tastes like me

ozzie jones says:

i dont think i have ever disliked a host as much as this nick guy.

John Wu says:

And in theory would cost more

pystacyo says:

funky eh… what is that even suppose to mean?
is the chef even understand?

Bald bulls ball sack says:

I think this is my third time watching this video. I don’t know why.

M B says:

How do you age the meat? ?

Alec Nguyen says:

My parents had some in Vegas they said it was good but not good enough for the price. They also bought a bunch of truffles for dinner with business partners and they said it taste disgusting like eating dirt lol

theFoodPornHub says:

YUM. wow

Wolvarine Rodriguez says:

take the steak and shove it straight up your ass then grill it

KingdomCLASH says:

Gordon Ramsay: It’s Been Frozen 400 days?!?! SHUTDOWN THE WHOLE PLACE

B' D says:

How the steak is cooked mid rare and has no pink in it kinda foreshadows the fact that it’s not going to taste like steak….or any type of typical meat.

John Wu says:

Actually Kobe beef is the highest quality beef lol.

Colin Shin says:

that guy looks like wong from doctor strange

Christ Calzone says:

Looks like fried Spam

Jason Paul says:

in another video you said 420 days was too much. this is 400 days, so why is that steak not too much?

Turska aka Codfish says:

Does not sound good when he tells what it tastes like, and dont get me wrong, I like cheese and blue cheese is mt favorite but meat that tastes like that? Nope.

Chris Lancaster says:

nasty funk

jimbo111589 says:

I had a 45 day dry aged steak once and it was too much. Idk how these guys are even eating it. And raw?!?! You risked some serious disease there man.

lernerlong ching says:

It’s not the most expensive. It may be the most high quality, but I’m selling my Steak for $100 million which makes it more expensive

Dave Mani says:

Eating popcorn as I’m watching this

Papa mia says:

“This is my dirty socks, dry-aged to the point of perfection, slow cooked in 120 days.”
Nick: “I’m diving in.”

Peter Rabitt says:

Lol, gross.

tim dupont says:

i was watching wagyu beef videos and thinking it should be amazing that someone ages one of these steaks like we do in france with fine meats, and then i see this in the sugestions !
I’m glad someone did it and you shared the result with us
i definetly need to try this one day in my life
also i’m pleased to see american people age beef too, i knew we shared a love for meat but i didn’t knew we shared that technique, now i wanna try american steak too

AfroMan187 says:

“You really wanna try one piece raw …are you serious?”

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