Why the Bone-In Tomahawk Is the Best Cut of Steak — Prime Time

On this episode of Prime Time, hosts Brent Young and Ben Turley stroll over to St. Anselm, Williamsburg’s favorite neighborhood steakhouse. The guys are at St. Anselm to talk about their massive bone-in tomahawk (or rib-eye) and how to cook a steak that big.

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Mr.Irish says:

I’ll take a Budweiser kind sir

jb888888888 says:

Did I miss the part where they say “why the bone-in tomahawk is the best cut of steak?” They said THAT, but they didn’t say WHY.

William Knight says:

Did I miss it? They never answered the question.

BillehTheKid _ says:

hipsters man

Erik McDonald says:

I know this is a meat-focused YouTube video; but a beer that is “closest to water” is not the best beer to drink with a steak. #fail

Sim Williams says:

Dosen’t look marbled enough

Y S says:

Stop the Japanese whaling. Stop them

John Pham says:

goddamn hipsters cant even choose good beer wtf

John Gayle says:

steak looks fantastic and you drink crap beer with it?

enos baltazar says:

Thank God they don’t have Nick in this one

billyman says:

I smell pretentiousness

montanadoctor says:

I hope these 4 people washed their hands…

Zezoo 210 says:

Who puts BBQ sauce on a steak

Samuel Gallezzo says:

Is it wrong to get a hard on when you see steak?

Грегорий says:

Steak doesn’t look as good without the bone in.

Blasian89 says:

I think guga would disagree lol

Elmer Osorio says:

Just one bite if I could

J Mac says:

Wonder how many young boys he’s groomed with that mustache

James Vineyard says:

RE: The bones..can’t obviously do it in a restaurant if served to customer, but … omg if I could save that for a stock or if meat left, next day warm up with some BBQ sauce as a ribeye bbq rib..love. A place I used to frequent did Prime Rib on Saturday and the bones as BBQ Ribs for Sunday football. Great cooking, love the vid and the purveyors.

Rick Parma says:

love the restaurant, love the steak, love the cooking method, love the final product. but you didn’t explain your title. WHY IS THE BONE IN TOMAHAWK THE BEST CUT?

Tony Lee says:

WTF they had to put fuking butter? Why not cheese too to ruin a good steak, and wash down with pisswater? Fuking construction worker!!

Ronnie Civella says:

Bone in tomahawk? Is there any other kind

EulogyAdd says:

I love how well tiny Biff Tannen and a tall Earl Hickey work together.

Charles Hui says:

I always thought tomahawk steaks are just a marketing stunt to make money off the bone that usually sells for a way cheaper price

SeijuroRen says:

Never had a porterhouse and ribeye back to back to compare. I think I should.

Douglas H says:

I have thought about subscribing for awhile. You drink PBR! I’m in.

Matt says:

“Closest to water” ???


Damn I love this show

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