World’s Most Realistic Vegan Steak Review (VIVERA) | Teen Vegans

Tesco innit.

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beatstranger 17 says:

Nice vid thanks for the honest review of this much acclaimed product.

Ello there mate says:

You should review non vegan steak

Cruelty FREE Gains says:

Look at the beard in that guy, is he still a teen?

Callum Adams says:

I bet you two gay cunts bum each other

Penelope S says:

2:07 when the sick beat kicked in I knew it was about to get real

Galaxy Assassin says:


EatLaughReview says:

Looks interesting. Visual wise looks delicious. I have to try it and heck it out. Great video guys! Showing love to your channel from one vegan to another.

AnimalLifestyle says:

Nice video hoping to try it soon

Alex S. says:

i wish i could meet the food scientists that create this stuff & other vegan mock foods

Lucifer Morningstar says:

But real meat is delicious.

Marc Ten Low says:

These mock meats are not really designed to be eaten by themselves. Having the steak with a nice hearty vegan salad is the only proper way to appraise this product. You guys have to be marketeers much more than you are now: it’s not lying, it’s just giving prospective vegans the best opportunity to find genuinely good choices in vegan foods.

High Protein Vegan says:

Sick video boysss

Penelope S says:

“we will be uploading” woohoo! roll on summer 2022!

Michelle Cummings says:

Lovely boys. Steak tastes like eating an animals flesh. It doesn’t taste good without salt. Without salt its a bit zombieish.

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