★ Yo! Sushi ★ Review at London Heathrow Airport – SUSHI for BREAKFAST?

Hey YouTubers, here’s another video for you. Yo! Sushi Review at London Heathrow Airport – SUSHI for BREAKFAST?. I hope you enjoy this one 😀
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Pl3b Fan says:

i been to yo sushi in croyden

1Cineworld says:

Oh, you take the tail off. Me being a sushi novice had been eating the tail and feeling that something was not right. Never thought to take it off. Oh U.S fans Yo Sushi are beginning to expand into the US.

Long Wang says:

Brexit, so 11 pounds is only 14 US dollars.

Hugo Vlogs says:

it was tuna

MarksharkGamingSportsFan says:

nice video

the_mysterious_fox says:

do they have enything other than sushi?

Torbjørn Ualand says:

Ssp in Norway is the worst company ever, they treat they’re employees like shit and all the things they sell are really expensive..!dont shop here.

Ruth Miser says:

Nice Vid – I like sushi but never been to a restaurant that served it yet! … funny outtakes at the end too ^.^

#CR7 Real Madrid says:

It’s called tuna and it’s not samen its salmon niggeri

T O M says:

I fucking love sushi

Ashley Winkworth says:

£2.40 for a bottle of coke? Ouchhhh.

beder says:


Irman Rafiq says:

it was raw tuna

Benji Wright says:


W Adrian says:

Do you know how to eat sushi? This place is for white people… This ain’t real Japanese sushi you fucker

Vibinator says:

fake wasabi** 😉 real wasabi is expensive and has a really short shelf life (if not sealed correctly etc) i think its about 10 mins or so :p

pixel Gaming says:


Joanne Gray says:

£2.40 for a 500ml bottle of Coke? What a con – you can buy a 2 litre bottle of Coke or Pepsi in Asda (our equivalent of Wal Mart) for £1! You should have stocked up beforehand or stuck to the water.

Cm says:

great video. I think the fish was tuna

Leo Nakazawa says:

Five years ago I had been London for three months to study English, and I ate sushi in there several times.
That tastes not bad,I think… Most of Japanese friends said that any sushi served by YO sushi was bad , though…

Gronk And Brady says:

The pink one is Tuna

UnderUniverse says:

The Red Raw Fish = Raw Tuna Sushimi

Venom Destroyer - Gaming & More! says:

That pink raw fish is called Tuna.

Matthew Lhi says:

It’s tuna

Nadja B Sharif says:

The fish that you asked what was it is the tuna nigiri. yellowfin tuna. i work for yo! 🙂

sunsbookishgamesx says:

love from uk x

Sophia says:

I went to go sushi two weeks ago, I wasn’t too impressed with it. Everything tastes like it was smothered in vinegar

Iwan3781 says:

You naturally use hashi very well!! from Japan

Swedish Poop says:

The red fish is called “Tuna”

Dan C says:

Yo Sushi is the McDonald’s of Japanese food.

Hello, My Name Is [ Izzy ] says:

My dad works there! He fits pipes in the terminals!

KimnessIsGoth13 says:

@Gajeel Redfox you can use your fingers or your chopsticks

hobnobrev says:

Yo Sushi is VERRRRRY expensive no matter which you go to. I barely see anyone in them now, especially in London and doubly so when there is a Hare and Tortoise restaurant near them.

AdamCawston Vlogs says:

it’s TUNA

Kathy Sing says:

my friend went there and she said her family spent over 300$!

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